New to the forums...

Getting back into the world of SF. Grew up with the original, II, and all the other 1,000,000 iterations of the game. I really want to get good at SF3 Third Strike with Akuma. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some general tips with parrying, how to red parry, and can anyone explain to me why the only way I can perform his Kara throw in the PS2 version is with pressing -> + mp + lp + lk all at the same time? I was reading up on how to do it and all the FAQs I’ve read say to do -> + mp then go into lp + lk. Also, I’m sure it’s been asked and I’m sorry for the repetition but is the PS2 version exactly the same as the Arcade/Dreamcast version?

you have allot to read/watch. read the entire akuma forum, read the entire 3s system mechanics thread. but FIRST watch thongboy bebops tutorial on youtube its the best introduction to 3s there is.
everything you asked is in the forums and allot more information too. ill asnwer the ps2 thing tho. ps2 is 15% aprox. faster than arcade. also akuma’s toward MP is throwable instead of unthrowable. dreamcast version lags among other things.
when you read the forums make sure to hit see posts from the beginning at the bottom and go back to the first posts and start there.
you can also just use the search function but i really suggest just reading everything and soaking it up like a sponge if you want to get good.

also read the new 3s player faq. it says START HERE for a reason, its a great place to begin your search for information… good luck and have fun!