New to the Franchise - Advice

Hi, Black-Toof here.
I’m completely new to this franchise, never played a single BlazBlue or Guilty Gear before in my life, I never even seen it being played until the recent EVO tournament.
It looked Good, But i’m a little confused.

Well my question is a simple ‘Barrier to Entry’ one.
I would appreciate if people could tell me about:

  • Which is the latest Game, Continuum Shift? (Continuum Shift II is a free patch right? (Confusing)

  • Is the online still popular (PS3) & matches lag free and common (Within reason of course)

  • Is the extra DLC characters going to become an issue for me without them?

  • Is there a newer BlazBlue being developed that would allow me to wait and mix with fresh people?

  • Any other issues you could raise before i decide whether to purchase or not would be great!

Thanks in advance,
Black-Toof :pray:

It’s always nice to see someone try a new game.

  1. You buy Continuum shift and then go online and download the patch off psn or xbl whichever you use.
  2. The online is very good and the netcode is good also. I’d rank it over AE in terms of playability, even though you will find lag it shouldn’t be game wrecking.
  3. The dlc characters aren’t an issue. If you don’t want them don’t use them. I for example liked valkenhayn, so I payed for him but you can get the patches without paying.
  4. There is Continuum shift+ coming out with relius clover as a new character added, but there is absolutely no reason for you not to pick up Continuum shift and give it a go. The game is great and very fun.
  5. I would HIGHLY recommend you look at some youtube matches before buying this game it is hard the combos are long and the system mechanics take some getting used to since you have never played guilty gear or blazblue you’re def. gonna need a crash course so check out the stickied thread uptop. GL!

Relius Clover has a high chance of being dlc for ps3 and xbox version because he is being added to the arcade version and i do not think it going to have any major re-balancing.
Buy the game you can probably get get cheap used and was released at a budget anyways. there is no indication blazblue 3 is coming out any time soon.
Ignore silly rumors of Guilty Gear X Blazblue probably never going to happen.
Also to avoid lag problem just limit your match searching so you do not play people with bad connections.

Forgot to mention i go to shoryuken for other things. just boredom makes me check blazblue here. is the core of the Blazblue and Guilty Gear communities

Glad to see someone getting interested in BlazBlue thanks to EVO! I hope this happens a lot! :slight_smile: Welcome. Here are some answers to your questions:

#1: The latest game for purchase for home consoles is BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, which can be gotten for very reasonable prices (See the link). There is a free balance patch that updates the characters to the same state as “BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2” for the arcade/handhelds, and generally does a remarkable job of balancing the game.
#2: I can’t speak for PSN, but the scene on XBL is quite lively, and I generally find the netplay to be pretty good unless you’re dealing with someone who insists on joining 0-bar matches or something.
#3: If you don’t want to play as the DLC characters, you don’t have to buy them. By updating your game to the latest version, you get the ability to play AGAINST them online for free, so if you find yourself thinking “Dang, I gotta get me some Magical Squirrel Butler” then you can pick up whichever ones you want (All three are excellent characters.) but if you don’t feel an urge to play as them, then you don’t need to spend anything. As an additional note, Mu-12 is only available if you either beat Story Mode, or shell out about 50 cents to buy the unlock instead.
#4: There are not any new BlazBlue games in the forseeable future. There’s a PS Vita release coming sometime, but that’s just going to be BBCS2 again with a little bit of bonus content, so there’s really no reason not to pick up BBCS now.

The game is a ton of fun, but it’s very different from and significantly more complex than Street Fighter - even setting aside all the unique character mechanics (And EVERYONE has those), simply from a system perspective, there’s a LOT to know. Where SF4 has EX/Super/Ultra and Focus attacks/FADC, BlazBlue has Distortion Drives (equivalent of Supers), Astral Heats (Kinda vaguely like Ultras), Rapid Cancels, Instant Blocking, Barrier Blocking, Break Bursts(Two kinds!), Counter Assaults, Airblocking, Air Dashes, Double jumps, super jumps for everyone, a significantly more complicated throw system, and probably some stuff I forgot (Clashing!). It’s a lot of information to absorb, but the game has an excellent tutorial to present it for you. Though you may have to go through it a couple of times.

Just don’t let it intimidate you. Relax and enjoy it.

Condensed Version.

Blazblue: Continuum Shift is the latest version. You can download the CS2 Patch for free after you buy it.
DLC characters are optional.
Pick a character you enjoy playing as. This game is balanced, picking Top Tiers wont net you a win (coughDAIGOcough)

when it comes to difficulty blazblue learning curve is weird
for newcomers they dont have a chance to do anything and they need a lot of work in the beginning… once you break this learning wall the rest is easy
so put in your mind that you need a good portion of training before start playing competitively but once you do it the rest is easy and fun
i haven’t played other fighting games in my life other than blazblue because i look at the funfactor more than the genre of the game
i can assure its super fun even for anime hater like me

when it comes to picking a character pick someone you love and have fun with his gameplay mechanic
picking based on the tire lists will get you nowhere in this game YOU HEAR ME THIS GAME IS SUPER BALANCED

Thanks Everyone,

I understand your answers and am inclined to purchase the game.
Don’t worry i always like to pick characters i think are cool and fun first before anything (Gouken & Shang Tsung are my mains in those games ^-^)

And I enjoy training, weirdly enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, Thanks Everyone!

I’m Black-Toof if you want to talk to me about it on PSN or fight me sometime.