New to the game. Am i the only one who can't connect the combos correctly?


Downloaded a SFIV AE. I don’t know if it’s a delay on my laptop. But i can’t even f****** connect a simple light tatsu to a goshoryuken.


Are you new to fighting games in general?


this; and even if it isn’t the case, take your time. Things that now seem impossible to you will get easy. I’ve seen players going from not being able to do special moves to being execution masters in the space of few months.
It’s like learning to play a musical instrument, but much easier. Don’t give up.


Landing that DP after the tatsu is actually pretty easy to screw up, I would miss it a lot when I first started playing. Just watch akumas feet and do the DP right when they hit the ground after the tatsu.


I just used to mash it out, works well enough :stuck_out_tongue:


nope. I play UMVC3 (which is very fast) unlike SF4. SO SORRY if this is a newb question :))


thank you for the motivation sir. actually i’m a tekken player and also playing UMVC3. I quit tekken because the community in my country is very bad. Even when it comes to Dota 2. (PH)


Yeah, it didn’t seem you were a total noob so I was thinking you came from another game.

I don’t really know how UMVC3 works, but tbh, with connecting srk after anything mashing works.


Well UMVC3 actualy requires you to do everything realy fast while street fighter 4 is more like playing a music instrument. Everything has to be with precise timing (links) instead of chains (UMVC3 or target combos in SF4 series).


How the fuck is someone going to disagree with me telling him how to hit the DP everytime and then another person agree with the guy telling him to just mash >_> god damn these forums.


It’s okay. I got “Troll” and “Disagree” for giving right information.

Don’t worry, when I jumped onto Marvel it took me a bit, cause I’m used to SF4’s slow play now. >.>


well the spam works actually. but i don’t want to smash a move to a combo because some moves don’t connect if i spam. IMO


UMVC3 requires fast hands to perform a combo correctly.


Difference between Marval And Street Fighter, in Marval you can and often must buffer the moves before they come out. In this Akuma combo you must wait for Akuma to recover from the Tatsu then Link the SRK. Also Marval has no shortcut motion, but in SF you can get the DP easier going df,d,df+punch after the Tatsu recovery.


you can even get it by simply doing df+df


Just when I thought this myth had been throughly eradicated…


I thought that wasn’t true.


That’s because it isn’t.


Yeah, DP input is “ANY forward”, “ANY down”, “ANY forward”+button. df, df typically goes through forward or down somewhere so it ends up working. But it’s not the actual condition. It allows pretty hilarious DP inputs. f, db, uf is a dp. 360 is a DP. Walk forward fireball is a dp. EVERYTHING IS A DP. ;__;

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yo calm down, am not saying thats **the correct motion **, i personally use f+d+df , simply pointing that df+df also work, just another shortcut like df+b+f