New to the Game and Learning Nash

So I posted in the general discussion as well, but I am pretty new to Street Fighter in general and have been playing Nash because he is just the most fun for me at the moment. I’m very, very nooby and have slowly been improving but I feel that there is more that I could do. If anybody would like to play with me you can add me on steam by searching either Magikarpathian or CallmeCarpathian. Otherwise, any resources that can be posted in this thread would also help a lot. Nash BnB’s, block strings, etc. Anything is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

This might be a redundant thread, but I’ll lead you to the right places in case it is:
You’ll probably want to pop by this thread here. It’s a beginner’s thread for Nash.

However, to lead you in the right direction. For combos, BNBs, frame traps, setups and list of good pokes, check out the Nash Combo thread, especially the post by EmptyXzero.

A tutorial by Gootecks and Cross Counter TV on Nash in the beta can be found here. Its outdated since its not for the final version of SFV, but its thorough enough for you to go through the basics of Nash and he even covers some basics of SFV.

Sent you and invite on Steam. I’m new myself. Looking for training partner(s)