New to the game, Looking for help on completing my team!


When I say new to the game, I mean in the way that I’ve only put maybe 15 hours into the game & have basic BnB combos down for almost all characters. But despite somewhat knowing how the game works, I still haven’t come to a decision on my team. Im currently set on Captain America & Akuma, but Im at a loss for choosing a middle character. And tips or advice would be appreciated :smiley:




Theirs an official team building thread where this should be posted.

dante, vergil, or doom are some great middleman characters who work with virtually anybody else in the game.

other possible characters can be wolverine or nova. since your new to the game, doom, wolvie, and nova are your best bets as they are very easy to learn while your getting to grips with the pace of the game as well as the core mechanics.

if you are on xbox and would like someone to help ease you into the game, add me as a friend and we’ll play, as i’m online almost all the time (outside of mornings).

GT: Septic Tank53