New to the game...need a team :)

wondering if dante/vergil/ryu would work? or ryu/iron man/dante…

Naw none of those are really effective teams in the current meta-game. If you like Ryu and the twins you should try out Shuma, Nemesis, and maybe Hsienko. They can do everything Vergil, Dante, Ryu, IM can do but have more tools and options available. Good luck starting out this game can be pretty rough.

Please don’t give this guy bad info.

There’s a team building thread, please use it. Dante/Vergil are great together, Ryu is whatever so if you’re comfortable dropping him for someone better you should do that. Otherwise run the order Ryu/Dante/Vergil or Ryu/Vergil/Dante.

Don’t run Ryu anchor. Just don’t.

And please ditch the image sig. Those are banned on SRK.

Please use and enjoy the team-building thread:

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