New to the game , picked evil , being a scrub

Hey there forum , I’ve spent round 200 hours into the game and I suck major ass.
I’ve been playing evil for a bit , I like the way his basic combo works , I am confortable with it , I’ve tried multiple characters and failed miserably but he seems rather simple in terms of basic combos ( lp lp mp xx hado / xx l tatsu xx shoryu - hp xx mk axe lp xx l tatsu xx shoryu ) , where I fail at is everything else , for example , the one and only way I know of getting my stuff started is by jumping on an opponent , but , obviously I get anti aired , or they block it I do some attacks and then i’m out of stuff , I get initiated on because I can’t keep pressure , my moves get beat by about everything they throw at me ( timing I assume ) . I have been playing a bit against a friend who mains cammy and chun , he also plays a little bit of vega , they all have good moves and I don’t know how to get in and keep the pressure , because my knowledge of the game is rather scarce I get hit by about anything they throw out .

So , because I confuse you even further with that wall of useless text , I want to ask , how should I get started towards learning to applying pressure and keeping opponents out , my style of play is mostly staying back and countering mistakes they make ocasionally , my reaction time is pretty bad , but I can sorta manage it unless they vortex/ do that blockstring thingy from which I can’t get out of and evil is not really the most suited to play defensively I guess , his only redeeming quality is the fact that his damage output is insane , but his normals seemed inferior to those of many other characters i’ve played against.

That being said , where should I start with this , I’ve tried going in a lot of times but my timing’s off on wakeup vortexes and I get dp’d , or even when I manage the timing with the st mp , after the divekick and few lp’s , I end up being pushed back , so doing this continuously doesn’t really help my timing at all , I need to train it somehow but I don’t really know how.