New to the Game

Hey guys, I just registered here today after reading an article on I have been on in off playing fighting games since I was younger, but with the release of so SC IV and SF IV I’ve been wanting to take fighting games more seriously. i also want to make an attempt in getting into the competitive world of fighting games, but I don’t know how to approach it.

Anyway, I was wondering since the search function is currently disabled, is there a thread or forum for beginners?

Also I would appreciate any type of feedback regarding joysticks and practice techniques.

(I’m not sure if I posted this in the right forum)

Push Start instead of New Thread. That should help a lot.

Seriously. If you’re new to fighters you should be in the training mode till your fingers bleed. Then get stomped by other players till you’ve thrown at least two controllers against the wall and had to go buy some cheap Mad Catz ones cuz you’re too broke for the official ones.

Then go back and train some more. Till after years and years of play you’re completely mediocre at the game and still getting stomped and coming back for more. Because you fucking love it, because it doesn’t matter how many times you throw in that quarter or push start when the countdown reaches 1, you want more.

I forgot to add besides practice… lol

Wow a whole bunch of questions. I think the best way for us to help out is to tell us what fighting game you wish to play and improve at. Soul Calibur and street Fighter are two totally different games that share almost nothing in common.

Anyways I can’t help you much,especially for Soul Calibur 4 and joysticks since you have to see for yourself what controllers you like, but places like gamefaqs have good guides. IGN has some decent newbie videos

And there event hub and the site you’re on right now (srk)

As for practicing, read character guides on you wish to learn once you understand fundamentals. Learn your character in training mode whether its juggles or combo strings etc. It’s not something that can be learned quickly unless you have experience in previous fighting games.


Also SF4 has it’s own forum, with subforums for every fighter. You might want to read those till you feel sick. There’s a bunch of information there to absorb.

Well it’s not just SF 4. I’ve been trying to get my hands on MvC series, SNKvC, and KoF i attempted Guilty Gear when I was younger but I got discouraged when this kid did some super combo on me that raped me and I never even attempted to play it again.

**Lol being mediocre won’t help me get far in tournaments. I mean I know it’s not going to be instant skill or anything but I’m just saying. Also is it better to practice against the computer or an actual physical opponent?

Fighting real humans would be ideal for practice. Attend tournies, frequent arcades, visit the regional boards. Do anything you can to play people around you. It makes the game much more fun and you get tons better.

There’s also the Shoryuken Wiki that can be found on the main page.