new to the game


im getting intot he game pretty late and seeing how 3s is pretty much the only 2d fighter i find interesting since i dont play mvc2 anymore, ium wondering who are the best characters for a noob to use. right now the 2 characters that interest me most are yun and necro.


hey check out

the nc thread sometime. plenty of f-ville peeps play 3s.


link me. i was just in raleigh today. i was with a friend of mine and we went to crabtree mall. i went tot he arcade b/c i wanted to play soul cal 2. but it was busted.


3s characters tend to have their own individual playstyles, so I’d advise you to just pick a character you “feel”, then learn the ins and outs with them. You can learn a lot about the game just through figuring out the specifics of your chosen character, and then deciding what you do and don’t like about what they can do. Then you move to a char that more fits you, until you run out of places to go.

And ya, if you’ve people in your area that already play, that’ll help a lot. Any specific questions you can feel free to ask here though, we’ve nothing but time and hot air.

N - Necro owns it up, rep-ruh-zent!


started fooling arround with hugo. damn gotta learn to parry perfect for him though. parry, spinning slam (whatever its called) parry, spinning slam, parry, super spinning slam. so far the only one that i sorta feel right now is necro.


thats how u beat chun


Haha, unfortunately that’s about right. Is this THE worst matchup in the game? Seems like it to me…



a hugo CAN win… but he needs to work for it… its seriously like 8-2 in the matchup if it isnt 9-1 =/

twelve vs ken or any other dp-happy shoto now THATS broken


na. broken is magneto and cable in mvc2 (but those were my fav. 2 character. :slight_smile: )



N - Worst. Match. Ever.


3S is a fun game, but the single player just seems like a completely different game.

2-Player match, mind games, dashing poking, wakeup games etc

1-Player match, stand back, wait for computer to do something, parry, then punish, dash away as they get up, wait for computer to do something, parry, then punish.

Often people who are good in single player will get owned when they don’t know all the ins and outs of 2-player style.