New to the Scene, is this stick a good buy?

I don’t mind the art but i have no clue if this stick is any good, any insight i could have?

Have I got a thread for you!

Good stuff. I bought the Madcatz WWE Brawlstick and I couldn’t be happier with it. It feels great, was cheap and is basically a great stick overall. Easily modded, too.

It’s a decent stick w/ the stock parts in it, but its easy to swap out the buttons and stick w/ higher quality parts. Although… for a buy it now price of 80 bucks, you may as well save up for a TE and get one on sale. 80 for the stick, plus a possible 50 to 60 bucks for parts if you want to mod that particular stick… may get a bit nasty. I have the SE (got it for 45 on sale,) and the stock parts felt disgusting! I keep my controllers clean, no grease or sticky crap near my stuff… and the buttons and stick still got stuck at times when it was fresh outta the box!

If you can buy an SE for 50 bucks, go for it! Some gamestops still carry a small stock of SE so hit your local GS to see if they have it. If you plan on adding in Dual/Multi console support, the SE will be harder to work with as the case is smaller.

Oh, and good thread Kyle!

Good God just buy a TE and be done with it.

I don’t plan to mod unless the stick somehow fucks up. I feel it will function just fine w/o modding. Maybe after a while, wear & tear might force me to do something about it, also, don’t know why in the world my buttons won’t work…seem fine to me…

Wow, thanks for the help. Any more input is well appreciated.
I’ve heard previously as well that this controller was great for modding, so I was really looking into getting it.
I think I’m going to ask the buyer if he’d be willing to lower the buy now and/or bidding price.

Okay, look. It’s not the “best” stick out there for whatever reason and it isn’t the nicest but god damn it all if it isn’t a decent stick.

Call your local gamestop first. You can get one shipped from another store if you have to. They are 39.99 at Gamestop. I recently got 2 of them. I bought them for the purpose of modding and i wanted two small form factor sticks. The buttons and joystick are very easy to change, but the stock parts are garbage. I also own two TE’s and would rather play on one of those. Hope this helps.

Yes, game stop sells them for 40. Check Craigslist. I have easily bought 3 TE fight sticks, box and all, for around 60-80 depending. There is a guy right now trying to sell a blazblue TE for 90 and i wasn’t interested and he quickly said he would lower the price. (still not interested since i have a total of 5).

Yep, check Craigslist. I got one of my TEs on there for $60

Buy a TE stick and you don’t have to be worried about buying any arcade stick for your life. The TE will just last forever and never break. But then again they are a little hard to find at their retail price.

@ FranTic91. I second Kyle’s suggestion and read the guide I written for SRK.

@ NY Gamer, I can’t read your text, most of us use a dart theme for SRK.

Yeah if you want to buy a stick just go straight for a TE. They’re strong as fuck and won’t break. I’ve slammed mine around a few times from raging. Still kickin’.

Use this thread ----> What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

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