New to the scene

Alright well the title of the post pretty much states it. I’m currently new to scene for fighting games but have been practicing quite a bit now. I’m just wondering on were I can basically get started for tournaments or social gathering. If anyone can help out much would be appreciated. I currently play SSF4 and have played a little of MVC3

Welcome to the scene! Where are you located in the Northwest?

all you gotta do is come to this forum and look for a tournament or event near you and show up at it. Everyone is cool, just don’t be shy and talk to people

I’m in Vancouver, WA

and are your best bets.

If you like using IRC there is also an IRC channel for the northwest.

You fool, you’re supposed to tell him to come all the way to Olympia.

Kryzak I may be new but I wouldn’t go to Olympia little far for me XD

I know its been said already, but the best thing to do when you are new is to come out to a tournament, play, and talk to people, make some new friends. The journey never ends, but thats where it always begins!

Check out the toefu DOJO thread when you get a chance.i know its far but, we have smaller session for players of all skill levels. again lol, the best way to level up is to come out to events such as our DOJO events, salty runbacks and NW majors coming up. i wish you the best of luck in your journey and i hope someday we will meet in battle.

i’m in Vancouver unfortunately.

I’ma be up in Vancouver… BC… for the festival of light next weekend.
I like the limecat icon - very oldschool.

Well depending on how things go, where might the toefu DOJO be? I didn’t see an address or anything listed in the thread?

It’s even further up north than Oly. :stuck_out_tongue: But trying to make it up there for a grind session once in a while isn’t a bad idea.

Well I don’t know then maybe… My wife isn’t to keen on this whole thing so we will see how things plan out. I owe all this curiosity to my friend in Minnesota damn him!

dont go on IRC… its nasty. better off join the FB group.

What is the irc channel for curiosity of course XD

Glad your wife is unsupportive of your hobbies Dat’s love. >_>

#NWSF on EFnet, it’s dead most of the time.