New to the scene...

Hey, everyone. I thought I’d introduce myself on SRK before I show up at EVO and get my head handed to me by all of you fine folks.

My name’s Josh. I live in Gary, so the closest place for me to play is Nickel City. I’ve been there a couple of times, so I’ve probably seen a couple of you.

I play Third Strike, Soul Calibur 3, and Melty Blood. I’m pretty familiar with some others too: MvC2, GGXX, Smash Bros., etc.

If anyone lives around NWI, let me know. We can play some time. Hi, Derek.

My characters are as follows:

Third Strike - Necro, Dudley

Soul Calibur 3 - Anyone, actually :tup:

Melty Blood - Kohaku

MvC2 - Gambit/Strider/Dr. Doom

GGXX - Axl Low

Were you there for the small tourny last saturday?

Anyway, hello! See you at evo north.

No, I wasn’t there, but a couple of friends were.

rather than a whole new thread, itd be better for you to post in the chicago thread (if thats the comp your intended on reaching) or somewhere more specific. i doubt many people will look at the thread especially since your location is not in the thread title.

in any case, come out to some chicago events. theres good comp in all of the games that you listed in your first post.