New to the SFV scene... a little help with the sticks

hello everybody!
I’ll cut right to the chase: I’m going to buy my first stick and I need a little help.
I read the guides and stuff but I want to be sure about what I’m doing. There are so many possibilities and it’s all so confusing, so… sorry for the inflated topic.

I’ll be playing SFV on PC and I’m trying to get the best value for money.
Living in Italy I’m limited to the main models on sale on our Amazon, which are the most common (Qanba Q4, Madcatz TE2+, Hori RAP4).
I don’t want to consider modding, so no Venom and between those, I’d go with the Qanba because the Madcatz it’s too expensive and the stock hori si meh (right?).
There are 2** versions of the Qanba**.
The “2 in 1” version says it comes with Qingshui JLF and Sanwa Buttons… is it possibile? I couldn’t get any information about Qingshui sticks searching with google and I knew all the Q4 came with full Sanwa parts.
The “3 in 1”, apart from being universally compatible, says it’s full Sanwa (stick and buttons).
The first it’s 130 and the latter 169… so if the difference is just the Xbox compatibility, I’d take the 2 in 1, but if it’s about the stick, I’d consider spending more.

Other than the Qanba, the second hand market doesn’t offer much.
I found a Madcatz SSFIV arcade stick modded full sanwa and a Madcatz TE for 60 and 90. The price would be the perfect steal, but I read that Playstation sticks are often not recognized by PC, due to the motherboard chip.
Xbox sticks are hard to find cause in Italy nobody has Xbox…

I’m asking for your help, especially about the Qanba models!

Thank you guys

Welcome to SRK. Ask questions like these in [this](What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting thread next time instead of making an entirely new thread.

Get the 3 in 1. A Hori stick is fine too as long as you get the right version.

Don’t leave out native PS3 sticks since D-Input is used on SFV PC now.

thank you both, sorry for the inconvenience of the topic. :slight_smile: