New to the site. having trouble locating Akuma art for TE FS to download

maybe i’m using the search engine wrong. just wanna find some HI RES Akuma art with the TE FS template to download. all i find are threads about the art w/ 100’s of pages. i just wanna locate a single specific link or single page and not a whole forum. thx

Oh so you want one of us to go through those 100 pages for you?

[obligatory references to your sexuality and sense of entitlement]

¬_¬…O O O
/||…O O O

Sorry I could only find a 6 button version, enjoy!

search 1000 post!

Try here
Tech Talk
and here
Fan Art Gallery
Make a request. Or read how it’s done. I made a custom Gen and Akuma template by reading up on it. IT was easy.
And don’t feed these trolls please.