New to the Stick

Okay, I’ve played in the arcades but it’s been years and I’ve been using the sh!tty X360 pad for my fighting game needs. I use the analog stick and not the d-pad, if you’re asking…

My question is, with this game (or any other game for that matter) is it exceedingly difficult to switch from a pad to an arcade stick?

I really feel like if I can make the transition, my MvC skills will increase dramatically…

I just don’t know if it’s a waste of time for me to try and if it will actually help a gamer who plays on pads usually as opposed to it helping players that are used to arcade sticks.

Are sticks JUST for those who play arcade, or can a pad-player transition? I always liked the feel of sticks for fighting games anyway… I just never, ever owned on…


In before lock.


It can be done, I think there’s some threads about this topic tucked away in Tech Talk.

You will get worse before you get better, so don’t expect to be able to do half of what you can do on pad with an arcade stick early on. IMO stick can do 95% of what pad can do better.

you play mvc2 on stick, unless you have a ps2 pad and you can map macros (which neither are an option for mvc2 on xbox360) , but the time spent on playing on a pad to get real good, you might as well just play on a stick and benefit from being good on it for other games also.

I was in the same situation you were in a couple of years ago. I think its only hard if you dont already know the concept of the game.

I think the biggest problem you gonna have is the actual stick (moving the character) cause that was my issue for me.

Stick is the best thing that happend to me in fighting games. My fingers don’t hurt anymore!!!

The pad is great for mobility issues. EVERY character can benefit from it, making them more formidable in matches. But, its nice to have a j-stick, because getting that practice at home with it, helps you when you go to the arcades. I dont have a j-stick, which is mainly the reason I dont play in tourneys. I know there are console tourneys, but Id prefer entering cabinet-style tourneys. There are several characters that need j-stick practice, Magneto, Storm, Sentinel, Iron Man, Strider and others. Infinites, unfly-modes, these things are vital to practice with on the stick. Getting comfortable with them, you’ll suddenly see your Mags has become quite impressive, or your Sentinel has no problems with unfly. One thing about the pad is, its harder to do Iron Man’s or Sentinel’s unfly, so Id suggest using the stick to do it. Like one guy said, youre not going to get most of it off-top, but then again, everyone is different, so who knows…L8>>>>

Honestly, in the end the answer is whatever you’re comfortable with. However, it seems much more ergonomical to have giant buttons and a finger for each button rather than your thumb for all of them. If you’re going to switch, it will probably be a while before you’re at the same level with the stick as you are with a pad, although the transition takes longer if you flip flop between the two.