New To This Form


Hi I’m new to this form. I am an aspiring artist and would like any constructive critisizm on any of the work that I post.

I will start off with a picture I drew a few years ago that I recently found. It is Li Long , my favioret character from Soul Edge on playstation. We’ll anyways, hope you enjoy, and coments (good or bad) our welcome.


another pic.

We’ll here is another pic.It is a marker illustration based off of a t-shirt I had.


:smiley: Verry good… your anatomy is coming along well. Just try to stay proportonate and you’ll be fine


hi and welcome to SRK.

as a new forum member, please read the FAQs (stickied on the top of this forum). SRK has its own form of irreverent culture, and it can get overwhelming at times. Flames fly around all the time (esp if someone is acting up), so if you’re not too sensitive you’ll probably be comfortable here.

Just so you know. the current state of affairs of SRK FanArt board is this:

  • If ppl like your art, odds are their comments won’t go beyond “that’s a cool pic” or some similar one-liner.
  • If ppl don’t like your art, At times overly negative, and even non-constructive.

generally, learn to sift out the useful comments from the gunk. (eg; Sweet sometimes posts good advice along with his acid comments, which is more than can be said for some others)

as an aspring artist, don’t limit yourself to SRK alone. get more perspectives from other forums as well.



Thanks for the comment ShinFantasy and for the Welcom rook. I don’t mind if critz get harsh just as long as they can point out what is wrong or could use more attention.