New to this game, trying to find a starting point


this game is so complicated i have no idea what i’m doing. i have a stick my first fighter ever was mk9 now i’m trying to play ssf4 ae and i dont know which character is best to start with. any pointers?


im going to read your future for you.

Your going to play for a bit, be destroyed constantly, and give up. Then when ever the subject comes up about SSF4 your going to blurt out… THAT GAME FUCKING SUX, MK9 FOREVA! lol

but for real, theres a lot of monsters online so if you find someone around your skill lvl, grab them and never let go.

find a character you like (i suggest an easy one) and practice the very basics of basics. When i first started i just practiced shoryukens and fire balls non stop.

do some research on the game your self, when i started i didnt even know about cross ups or wakeups or any of that crap, so learn your game mechanics.


Trial Mode. You have to learn how to actually do the characters’ moves before you even think of arcade or online…


watch these tutorials, yes it’s incredibly long but its worth it. Starts from the absolute basics and works all the way up to the advanced stuff and it covers basically every aspect of the game. Of course play the game yourself as well, mostly training mode at first. Find a character you like, figure what all their normals and specials do, practice very basic execution in training mode (simply doing things like fireballs and special cancels over and over until you never mess up). When you finally go online remember you are playing to learn not playing to win (basically don’t get too salty because you are going to lose and lose ALOT)




To be very specific: learn to block. It took me a solid two months to stop from mashing during a blockstring.