New to this stuff. Could use advice

I’m really new to fighting games, I only found out about them by watching the streams for a few months. So I’ve never actually played before. Yes that new. I’ve been wanting to get into it and play just wanted to get an arcade stick first. Now that i can get one I think i’m ready to get started. I plan on playing umvc3 and ssf4ae. So i’m posting here to see if anyone can help me decide what arcade stick to buy and how to get started properly in fighting games.


The only hard part is learning and memorizing moves but once you have it down, it should be a cake walk and everything comes to you naturally.

For now you should just work on getting fireball and shoryuken motions and work on your defence (block, anti-air(most beginners tend to jump alot so this will take you far, punishes). After you feel comfortable with this, you should watch the video series nectrotrophic posted and get familiar with footsies. I don’t know what Atlaz’s experience is, but for the most part you will lose…alot…for a while (especially since SSF4 is pretty old now and most are acquainted with MvC 3 already). After a couple of days/weeks/months you will start winning more consistently, its just a matter of practice.

For my first stick, I got the Hori EX2(?). It was only 40 or 50 bucks so it isn’t too big of a commitment if you decide it is not for you.

Personally I would just get the game and play with the pad for maybe the first week or so to decide if you really want to get into this genre. After that if you know for sure you want to invest in a fight stick I would check this thread out What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting and from there it’s all up to you!

Lots of people have asked similar questions before. First decide which game you plan on focusing on, then check threads on this forum, that game’s main forum and the various stickies.

start out with SSF4AE so you can learn the moves they are a bit different in marvel 3 but its the same to an extent. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

also if you want to watch a good stream check out

Read all of the stickies in the Newbie section of this forum, that will get you started.

Although if you’re not 100% sure you’ll be committed to fighting games before you even start playing them, I would recommend holding off on purchasing a stick. Give the games a try first, see if you like it, and try to see how serious you want to take this. If you want to start doing some advanced combos, tactics, and you plan on entering tournaments after you’ve lost your 100th game…great. However, if you find that you get down on yourself too easily and you’re tempted to give up early, then no point wasting money on an arcade stick you might never use.