New to this!

OK, so can you guys tell me where a cool, new gal can go have some game fun??

Which city are you located in?

starkilled gets points for not alienating a girl in this community!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!:looney::looney::angel:

:lol: if you live around hayward/union city/san leandro area or just the east bay in general Game-Zone Recreation :tup:
will be having events and tournaments on friday evenings in the near future (hopefully end of september if not begining of October) that are very friendly and we have a few girls who play there and compete in our tournaments. :wgrin::lol:

Also Game-Zone Recreation :tup: is a video game and anime club at Chabot college and we are always looking for new members even if you don’t go to chabot college and we are especially looking for female gamers and or people who like anime right now. we have get togethers and play games and watch anime and have a great time. check out our website and forums at

I smell fake account.

Gail, if you’re serious please take a look at the tons of threads already created in Pacific North so you can determine which place is closest to you. And post pictures.


if you are pretty, you can come to my house.

if you aren’t, you can come to my house when the lights are out.


lmfao get her lb, get her

omg its a girl!!



I bet its Mangoat.

Camera, aisle 5
Dude with hair sprayed on
Pocketing razors
Pantyhose… why not?
Can opener and creme corn - what?!?!

Too hairy
Must shave
And warn others

No foam
All alone
Gorilla hair
Must go

Creme corn
Creme corn

omg its another girl!

Yeah? So?

Get over it.:rolleyes:

Sounds like shes from the central valley hmmm makes me wonder if she plays video games shes prob not hot id b nice if she was though like that hot girl in milpitas that plays cvs2 and 3rd strike

:wow: wow! You crazy? Her boyfriend is a straight Mexican gangsta, watch your step.

YO, NO GIRLS IN PAC NORTH! Didn’t you girlies get the memo?


lol pat monsta is straight mexican wit out the gangsta part

Oh shit…she’s older than me… I think a girl at that age should be married by now.

lol damn bronson.

YO, NO GIRLS IN PAC NORTH! Didn’t you girlies get the memo?


you tell em Albert. lol j/p