New to UMVC3, and 2DFG in general


Hello everyone here at Shoryuken. My name is Devin and i’m a long time player of fighting games. First fighting game I ever played was The Bouncer, from there moved onto Naruto Games, Dragon Ball Z games, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and others. My first experience with Street Fighter was really bad. It was on Street Fighter Alpha downloaded from the PSN. For the life of me I couldn’t get down the QC~ FC~ motions. That turned me away from 2d fighters because it was too difficult for me to play. I always ended up hurting my thumb, or severely irritating my skin on my thumb from vigorous inputs trying to do my moves. I stuck with Tekken as my main fighter, playing Tekken 4-Tekken Tag2 day in and day out. While playing that, I grew better at fighting games in general, and more able to take in knowledge of inputs because of how intricate the combo system is in Tekken Tag 2.

After watching Winter Brawl 7, The Run Back, and a NORCAL tournament, among many other marvel gameplay videos, I was amazed at the graphics, as well as the combo system of the game and decided to pick it up and try it out. I’ve only had the game for a day, and after playing almost every character, I enjoy playing The Iron Fist, Spencer, Virgil, Dante, Wesker, Frank West, Strider, C.Viper, Trish, Doom, Dorm, and Haggar. However, I am still having trouble learning the inputs. Im sure it will become easier with time, because to go from not playing 2D fighters at all to trying to do tournament level combo’s with a DS3 Pad I know is far from possible to do in a short time. I have to adjust my familiarity with Tekken mechanics to UMVC3 mechanics, which is increasingly difficult haha.

I just wanted to say Hi to everyone, I’ve explored the UMVC3 forum a bit and read some things, but I want to get into it more because I really want to become a good UMVC3 player. I live in southern Louisiana if anyone wants to play with me, my PSN is M_U_R_K_3_D__II thats 2 spaces and 2 uppercase i’s. Im down to fight anyone so I can learn.

Also, out of the people I mentioned before, what teams of 3 would be better suited for a beginner?

Thanks for reading,



You are going to get stomped, but I am also new so you can add me.


I feel like Wesker/Doom/Strider makes a good starter team. Wesker/Vergil/Strider is good, too. If you want something a little bit tougher you can go Wesker/Dante/Strider.


You can try Cap Doom-Missiles and Vergil/Wesker

Also my PSN is Boschio if you want to add me.
I’m not always on, but if you ever see me I’d be glad to play (although it may be one-sided as I’ve been playing the game since Vanilla Day-3)


just getting around to reading this thread, lol. Had some things going down IRL and couldn’t exactly focus on Marvel. Thanks for the replies, i’m going to add you guys. I still suck, can’t for the life of me even do any BnBs with any characters I use. I do these basic combos that are obviously nooby lol.


I’m on xbox so can’t play you, but i did want to chime in.

Limit your combos to LMHS>super jump>MMHS>character specific ender (otg, then hyper, or an otg hyper).

When you start to get better used to the flow of battle, mixups, and the mechanics, only then worry about more difficult combos and the combo system itself. It’s sad to say, but even these basic combos can get you through a match if your play is good, but dropped combos will get you blown up, and that won’t help your nerves (game can be fun, lame, stupid, ridiculous, or a combination of these).

Wish you the best. The learning curve isn’t large for a fighting game, but it’s way different then 3d fighters.


Add me