New to umvc3 and semi new to ssf4 ae


Btw im coming from SSF4 AE and I never really played a MVC game before but I know the basic stuff even some basic combos but im just not use to this game style any advice or does someone wanna practice with me

I use Vergil(or dante)/Akuma/phoenix

I use vergil and dante because I like them from dmc and they are good in this game vergil I can somewhat use dante has so many moves it confuses me some times so I use vergil more because I like how he plays better

Akuma because he is from SF and easy for me to pick up and a good assist

Phoenix because Dark Phoenix Anchor

think I make take out phoenix and put nova or wolverine on point and akuma 2nd ,vergil anchor


Do you play on PSN? I have both of these games.


Sadly no im on XBL gt is Fallen atH