new to UMVC3

i just started playing fighting games over a month ago w/ umvc3 and i love it so much. i’m very competitive about the games i play and i want to get good. i practice everyday in marvel and i rarely go online, if i do its just to watch matches and pick up stuff. i’m having trouble blocking, i just dont really know how to practice it, also i been switching between teams alot and hoping for some advice. i’m a rush down player but i dont mind keep away at all. my top characters i like to play with are wolverine, hawkeye, strider, i would like any ideas on who will go good with this team and i dont want sentinel or wesker. i want to learn how to use storm and magneto but dont know where to learn.

I got no team building tips for you, but I say for blocking, It’s mainly either reacting or guessing right. Remember there are high and low attacks, High attacks are usually when they’re jumping/hitting from above and low blocks almost anything else. and there’s also blocking right or left. remember it’s always in the direction of the point character. There’s really no way to practice without a human helping you, because they are the only ones that can set up the situations which are hard to block, If you record using training mode, you know the pattern that’s being executed. You have to know what to look for etc. and one again, sometimes it is honestly just a guess.

There is a way around High/low mixups in UMvC3 though. Jump. For me it’s counter intuitive coming from SF2 because I’ve been told constantly, (and am still telling newbies, DON"T JUMP. but in UMvC3 it’s actually the reverse, since jumping removes high/low mixups. If you’re jumping, you either block left, or block right. that’s all.

^ Don’t do that. You can’t block reactively in Marvel, you have to know what’s coming based on the character you’re playing against. Rule of thumb is always block low until you see an overhead (or guess an overhead is coming if you’re fighting Storm/Magnus) on the ground, always block high if they’re in the air. The solution to not knowing how to block is play more games against more people and get used to what each character is likely to do in any given situation.

In which position?

If you’re going to play Strider, put him on anchor and pick characters that make good use of the hard knockdown off Vajra assist, like Wesker, Doom or Viper. Magneto is usually good on any team, though it helps to put him on second and have a point that benefits from a beam assist for mixups, like Viper, Storm and Wolverine. It’s a shame you don’t want to play Sentinel, since he’s one of the best partners in the game for Magneto and Storm.

Almost every character you listed either really wants to be a point character or really wants to be an anchor. You need more groups of characters with good synergy if you want a really solid team. Based off just the characters you posted, I guess you could work with Wolverine(Doesn’t matter) / Magneto(Disruptor) / Strider(Vajra) or Storm(Whirlwind) / Magneto (Disruptor) / Hawkeye (Greyhound).

thanks for the blocking advice, because the low attacks always get me because all i think about is the overhead but i need to change my mind set about where and when to block.

Thanks for the team advice, i did play as sentinel when i first started but i’m not a fan of big characters. i have two teams i really like right now, the first is Wolverine (barrage), Doom (plasma beam), Akuma (tatsu), and the second is Doom (plasma beam), strider (vajra), and hawkeye (greyhound)
i think the first team is very solid but the second i feel as if strider and hawkeye wont really work, hawkeye is really a backup for strider if he goes down. they are both meter hunger and use meter to there advantage so well striders auroboros and hawkeyes gimlet.

Something I always like to do to up my blocking skills is to set the computer to play in training mode and just practice your blocking. Try to see how many hits you can block/time you can block without being hit. That way you learn which attacks require a high or a low block and what situations they’ll come at you with.

Obviously the computer is different than a human player, but if you just need help blocking then that is a good place to start. After that you can try doing it online against assist setups and mixups.

Also, learning character specific lows or overheads is always nice.

-MODOK has only one low attack (Other than the second part of his crouching B if it connects with the ground): His crouching C, which is very slow. Since MODOK has the fastest instant overhead in the game, try to block high unless you see the startup for crouching C. Also, be aware of the range on crouching C, which is very large.
-C. Viper and Super Skrull have low attacks while they’re not crouching. Always keep that in mind.
-Viewtiful Joe has an invisible overhead. Luckily, it has poor range, so if you keep him at arm’s length instead of letting him get right up in your face, you’ll be fine.
-Spencer, Akuma, Nova, and Ryu have overhead normals when they’re standing, so watch out for those; Nova’s is fairly slow and noticeable, but the others’ are much more difficult to see coming.
-Iron Fist can alternate between lows and overheads in a block string; make sure to predict them, and try to keep him from reaching you.

Stuff like that is important to remember if you’re up against one of these characters or one of the others with unpredictable lows/highs. You can easily get blown up if you don’t.