New to Viper

Can someone help me out and post some BnB combos and some combos into both ultras? I checked the combo thread but I dont understand a bit of it. Definitley needs an overhaul IMO. One of the harder ones to understand in the SSF4 section. Also, what the hell is a feint?

Sorry if someone feels this thread is unnecessary, but I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and checked alot of other characters combos and whatnot on their pages and aside from Ryus, which just kinda sucks, Vipers is probably the most confusing.

This thread is unnecessary if you have a question ask it in the Q&A thread don’t start a thread for just one question…try her trials to get an understanding of the character seeing as to how you don’t know what a feint is shows you don’t know squat about viper

Pretty sure I apologized in advance for that reason. Thanks alot for the help…

You apologizing in advance shows that you knew you shouldn’t have made a whole thread to ask a question in the first place

Check this thread for everything about viper

I am aware that there are other threads about this stuff, yes. Thats why I apologized, but the thing is Im having a hard time understanding them. Screw it, Ill just check out some different websites. Thanks for the link to those other threads tho. Mods feel free to delete this thread.

What exactly don’t you understand? the way its written or the topic itself.

I’m bored right now so I’ll help you

(jump in combo ultra 2) jump HK cr.HP,ex Seismo into Ultra2
(jump in combo ultra 1)jump HK,cr.HP,ex Seismo into Medium TK Ultra 1