New to Zero and MvC



Just picked up the game a couple of day ago and I need some help … Are the combo in this thread "It's not X you should worry about - it's me!" - The UMvC3 Zero Combo Thread the bnb of zero or can someone give me easier one becausenim having a hard time doing them… Any help is appreciatedn :slight_smile: and btw this is my first capcom game… Is it long to be good in this game ?


Anyone ?


one of the biggest things you need to learn about zero is to charge his buster, because of his ability to cancel his specials into it. the combos in that thread have his bnb, but also extended combos and swag combos, mostly extended and optimized combos. The thing about each of these combos is you have to practice them to get the timing down. the thing about mvc3 and umvc3 is that since they have 4 button inputs its a bit easier to learn. the basic bnb for mid screen with zero is, cr.m, s.h, f.h,s, m,m,h,s, qcf h xss level 3 buster cancel,srk l (raikousin light), (could add a cr. h), s, m,m,h,s super. If you have assists you can extend the end , like with dante’s jam session you can get another raikousen light s raikousen m, another qcf h then super, or another assist of the sorts that you can find in the team threads.


No one of the biggest things you need to learn is to use the Ask a question forums and do a little searching before making a useless thread…