New Tokido Interview!!!

Check out this interview Tokido Interview!

and while you’re at it, check out the tourney info also yeah!


Thanks. (For the Tokido interview & Japanese player descriptions)

Does anyone know what team Daigo is playing now? A-Vega… something?

"Staff: You have been successful with N groove and A groove in many
Tournaments. Even though this year you will use A groove, why did you
pick N groove last year at SBO2?
Tokido: First I was going to use A groove in SBO2. but we wanted to win without fuckin A groove and I am busy so I cant practice A groove. Then I used N groove which is familiar to me"
did he really say that or was that translated? :xeye: If so, he’s even more dope now.

Nothing in the interview is edited, except spellings, missing periods, etc.

good work …

that guy is boss

Tokido speaks some English eh? Seriously, is it difficult trying to strike up a English conversation with the Japanese players such as Daigo?

EDIT: LOL at Bas’ picture

nice interview. thanks buk.

That’s awesome, Buk. Are you going to do any more Japanese player interviews?

let him win so we can see “Tokido pose”

Tokido: “Cheap is best way to win in CVS2,”

Haha…This is so true in so many ways.

yeah, that quote is sig-worthy. lol. Thanks Buk!

Tokido: I shall win and show TOKIDO pose.


He’s only 19 wow. Whenever I hear about someone my age who is doing well I get sad, cause they have had just as many years as I have and I’m a failure.


surprised he is only 19. And yes the cheap quote is hilarious yet true.

Nice find. Tokido seems really cool, thanks!

Wow he thinks BAS is the best japanese cvs2 player. Maybe I just read that wrong or something. Combofiend mopped the floor with him at Texas Showdown.

God damn, he’s only 19?

FUCK I’m old…

anyway, thanks Buk.

What does the Tokido pose look like?

he did it in 2000 when he beat nuki. Its like he takes your soul…


Bas performs poorly at big tourneys it seems.