New Tokido Interview!!!

Tokido is coming back!? Good times… Tokido’s Urien caused an uproar at Evo2k2.

I first heard of Tokido while watching the EVO 2003 DVD’s. His Urien owned everyone’s ass, no questions asked.

Good job on the interview, and I didn’t know he was my age. Say, why didn’t he show up for EVO 2003 and EVO 2004?

Yeah surprised me alot that hes only 19 and was laughing at why he chose N groove over A. Glad that he respects Ohnuki too cuz I think Ohnuki is the shit. Very nice interview!

Standing up with one fist in the air, I think.

tokido pose:

/ \

like the stick figure except with the head down and also with daigo beaten badly


lol… nice illustration

same age as mine …a 19 year old with such level of gameplay …

haiL !!

Surprised he mentioned Fighting Jam a lot.

probably because he and mago won it at sbo

I had no idea he was 19 either…

First time I learned about Tokido (as well as K.O. and the EI EI EI yell) was through the final match in the 5-on-5 Cooperation Cup Tournament.

Japans all of a sudden using Vega!
I wonder why! From day 1 they said Vega sucked and no potential Japanese player would lose to him. Now look!
Even though the Japanese arent good with Vega (imo) it will be interesting to see how they do with him at Evo! I dont see how they will out lame East Coast Vega but we’ll see!
Cool interview!

kid was hella young back at evo2k3 with urien…damn…

Maybe they using Vega since the tourney is in Vegas? :confused: lol

Why is this a sticky?

Tokido’s Urien was in 2k2. Its a sticky because Tokido owns!!! If Tokido brings his strategy guide like he did during SBO it might “disappear”. :clap:

if he’s 19 then i wonder how old Daigo and KO are? I know KSK is 27.

isn’t daigo 22-23?

Ah, so then I have his picture in last months Arcadia, if that’s him let me see. If memory serves, they look really hardcore in that pic, LOL!

EDIT: Nah, doesn’t look like he’s there in that pic…

WOW, Mago switching Sagat for Vega :wow: .The turtle master has returned :pray: :rock: .Very nice interview :tup:

You should have asked him where Ino is.