New top tiers


who are the new top tiers in cvs2?


Uh I dont think there are any new top tiers in CvS2, as far as I know its still A Sak, Sagat, and K Blanka. After that its a jumbled up mess of different characters depending on who you ask.


K/P/C Sagat
K/P/C Cammy
K/C/A Blanka
A Sakura
A Bison
C Guile
C Chun Li
A/K/C Vega (Claw)

Arguments about which character is better, from the ones mentioned above are pretty pointless IMO. Depends on who’s playing them.


I think I understand what you mean by “new top tier” and it depends basically on recent tournament result and who is playing them. NOW K-Raiden is one of the “new top tier” and maybe C-Ken with is RC funky kick…(there are mostly high middle-tier :confused: )… right now I dont see other one.


K-Raiden beat one team in one tourney and he was at R4 to do it. That does NOT make him top tier.

Characters on the rise are C-Ken (but not for RC funky kick), A-Honda, and N-Groove in general. Whether they are top tier or not has yet to be proven.


I hear about Ken and N-Groove, but what’s up with AGroove Honda? I guess I should ask why AGroove for Honda moreso on “why Honda”, but just curious.


i know he can build meter before u can say: “for guys wearing oven mits and an apron… you’re alright”

maybe thats it? his rc headbutt is really good aswell… but jump straight up owns it for all i know… but a good honda player wont let himself get baited out


Has everything you need (big damage, tons of setups, crazy mixup, can win without meter).
Owns everyone except Bison and Cammy.


While A Hibiki is undoubtedly good, I dont think she owns everyone in the game but Bison and Cammy and she still isnt top tier.


A-Honda is good when you think about it, what gives honda the hardest time? K and P groove IMO. What gives K-P a hard time? A. So a team of A-Honda/Sak/Bison or throw Blanka in their would be a smart team choice, if you try to give Honda a hard time with P-K you have Sak/Bison to deal with.


i think kyo is top teir in p k or a he has great pokes stand roundhouse is nasty crazy mix up game if u in a great aa cc. in p parry to nasty combo. Its just ppl dont want to take time to play kyo but he can compee with the rest of those tt.

same can go with k rock comand grab to super 2 good!


What happened to N groove Chun?


K/P/C Sagat
K/P/C Cammy
K/C/A Blanka
A Sakura
A Bison
C Guile
C Chun Li
A/K/C Vega
K/P Kyo
C Ken
K Raiden
A Honda
In good hands they are the caracter to fear the most right now.

And I would choose A-Hibiki over K-Rock to be in that list.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

sure guy.


Sagat is off the hook with his st.Mk and his st.Hk.

Blanka’s cr.Hp and st.Hp is almost as powerful

Honda is a monster.

My pick for top three.


Then tell me WHY NOT :wink:

She does well against Sagat/Blanka/Sak/Chun/Guile/Honda/Shotos …

When she has meter she can deal 9000+ damage and land a CC in a million ways. You can even activate CC Genei-Jin style without wasting the meter, yes she’s THAT good :smiley:
She’s also one of those characters where you don’t have to worry much where to place her in your team.

Really, i can’t see why she isn’t top other than having hard times with Bison + lightspeed-Cammy and having no non-risky wakeups. I’ve seen some vids from japan lately where A-Hibiki eats whole teams.

Enlighten me :eek:


Apparently you missed that post where Gunter talks about how top tier K Raiden is. Might want to check that out one more time.




Ya, b’ Hibiki is not Raiden, kekeke :wink:



K-Raiden is without a doubt good, but I don’t think he’s been proven top-tier at all.