New tournament in Long Beach CA


Hey guys, i wanted to take a general survey. Im planning to throw a tournament in Longbeach CA in January, and i was wondering how many SFV players are in this area/would be interested in attending. Also i wondered if a cash prize of $300 or a PS VR bundle would be better as a first place prize. Let me know your thoughts!


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Please don’t put local matchmaking/tournament threads in the SFV section


I would be interested, any dates/time you have in mind?


Its set for January, i havent decided on the exact date, but most likely on a tuesday or Wednesday evening, due to cheaper venue fees


Sounds like fun! Cash is always better – people can buy a PSVR bundle with the winnings if they want.


Any update for the tournament? Im interested if it is still going on, and if finalized, the location?


Yessir here’s all the info


For this weekly I will not be doing the prize/300 prize I’m saving that for a bigger venue later in the year. But prize will still be the pot of course, and possibly bonus prizes