[New Tournament Series] Defender Champs Series Q&A - Las Vegas, NV 2014


1st post here but long time lurker. Well ill get to the nitty gritty. My name is Chris and im the owner of a new Comic and Gaming shop opening in Las Vegas. Sometime in 2014 ill be hosting regular tournaments in store as well as larger quarterly tournaments as well. I cant go into the specifics of it all right now but I have some really cool things planned for it as well as some nice cross promotional stuff. Anyway as to why im here. Well I want to start being more active in the fighting game community as an old school gamer I know what I like but im trying to gauge interest in some of the things I plan on doing. Ill be posting here and keeping you up to date on progress as well as posting events. Both for locals and for people coming and going from Las Vegas.

I definitely have some questions for the community and I plan on holding focus groups in Las Vegas over the next few weeks. If youre local Id love to have you attend and if not and youre in town come participate and get a free gift card for your troubles. Post here if youre interested or like the store on Facebook. “Follow Defender Comics & Games on Facebook” Not much going on at the page right now because im wrapping up all the last of the tedious stuff but lots of updates will be coming at the start of the new year!

I also want to leave the floor open here as well. Id love to hear any questions you might have. As long as im not giving too much away about the secret tech, im happy to answer any questions about the store or the series Im planning.

Ill give you a brief rundown of some basics:

Defender Comics & Games
Opening Fall 2014

Wed, Fri & Sat well have 2 stations open to game with a wide variety of titles to chose from.
Every other week there will be a tournament with various formats. Cash, prizes and store credit are offered.
The store will have 2 open sponsorship tournaments for EVO hosted prior to EVO every year.
Tournaments as well as gaming will be streamed from time to time.
Tournament formats include: One-Fall (Survival), Swiss, Round Robin, Endurance and “Double Dare” An event I hope I came up with but its really fun and random lol

Also forgive me MODS if this in the wrong section or breaking any rules. I read the stickies and I didnt see anything wrong.


This looks like it could be fun. I’m getting out of the military soon and was wondering if my home location had anything going on weekly and tournament wise… I’m very intrested in this and will be posting this on my facebook to let my friends back home know about this.


Sounds Great Would love to come out to Vegas to play