New Tournament Venue in Union City, NJ (Near Jersey City and NYC) USF4, UMvC3, P4AU, SM4SH and more!

Hey Everyone,

We have opening up a competitive gaming store in Union City, NJ. A while back there was a scene brewing with a place called the E Spot, however that place got closed down. Our goal is to rebuild the scene that was lost with the disappearance of the E Spot. Our tournament schedule is below and we will be adding more games to the roster apon request. Feel free to check out our website or our facebook group



All of our weekly events are 5$'s venue and 5$'s per tournament entry, we open up the store on non tournament days upon request

Multi Game Monday (USF4, UMvC3, P4AU, Smash 64, Soul Calibur 2 (GC)

Project Tuesday (Project M SIngles and Doubles)

Wednesday Night Melee (Melee Singles and Doubles)

Thursday Night Smash (Smash 4 Singles and Doubles)

Low Tier City (Smash 4 3v3s, Low tier Smash 4 and Melee, Smash 64)