New training options?

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Does anybody know if there will be any new training options in umvc3? A couple features I’d like to see are:

  • add an option for a cornerless stage
  • add a low block only option for the dummy
  • have a quick reset button
  • add online training

I’d really like the last one, so i could find a good player and have them show me the ropes.

  • Cornerless stage? What’s the point?
  • There’s already a low block only option
  • There’s already a quick reset button
  • Online training already exists. It’s called a player match.

A thread for this topic already exists, please discuss here:
Ultimate MVC3 Practice/Vs Mode Wishes

Actually the cornerless stage this guy mentioned is probably the only good idea I’ve heard for new practice mode options. Having a cornerless stage is perfect for practicing solely on midscreen combos and other things that you would want to test midscreen. Something that has always bothered me about most fighting games is having to push my Dummy character back to midscreen over and over and over and over…

The reset button doesnt make this process anymore leviating

I have nightmares about pushing the dummy back to mid stage. And just thinking about it now is giving me a headache. Cornerless training is a good idea.

Set a button to be dummy control and just have the dummy jump over your main character. Boom, instant midstage. Or just reset.

The process is still not pleasant at all, even after resetting 3 seconds later your already back in the corner. Someone make a petition for a cornerless stage option in UMvC3. Its the least they can do for not including Psylocke.

If you’re serious, wow just wow. No where did they promise psylocke. Did they lose to you in a yugioh duel and your conditions were that they had to add psylocke if they lost? Grow up, they don’t owe you or anyone in the mvc3 community anything.

lmao I knew I would get a reaction out of that, except I was betting it was gunna come from a megaman junkie. Thanx for the lols :wink:


lol please read this one more time and please take your time because you obviously didn’t the first time.

Thanx for another dose of lols! :wink:

Seriously though I’m just trolling dont want to start any nerd wars, my apologies. Though that was my intention in the first place :sweat:
I really dont care much about who didnt get in the game, I’m really happy already with the characters they’ve decided to add…but dat Psylocke!!

Yeah I’m tired I missed that magical word except. I edited it because I am obviously an insecure basement nerd. Enjoy your lols. I think part of me assumed that you thought that I was a megaman junkie and didn’t bother reading the word except because of my avatar. Servbot is just a hot fellow.


Cornerless stage +1. The rest is allready in the game, so no.

Edit fail

Actually there isn’t for some reason. There’s one that looks like it, but it’s not, it’s something else, it only blocks low attacks but not mids or something stupid like that, if you want to simulate your opponent holding down back you have to record them holding down back, which is usually fine, but not optimal.

I still have not found the low block only option

Corner-less training stage and online training mode are good ideas.

(did not realize start + back = reset)