New Trend ~ Q win with SAIII by Timeout

The new trend is over here is that Q will play rather ‘turtle-ishly’ and seek to damage the opponent when a reasonably safe chance arises. At the same time, also seeking to do as close to 4 taunts as possible to gain a better defence.
HOWEVER, the player only ‘seeks to damage the opponent’ when the chance arises, and the rest of the time, just avoids taking any damage. The goal is to do this until timeout.
But obviously this is not an easy task in Japanese style arcades like these, with all these players who know EXACTLY what is on your mind. You have over 1.5 minutes to avoid taking damage. But while you get those opportunities to hit the opponent, and get those taunts in, you are slowly gaining meter. You also need to do random whiffs to gain meter when the chance is there. That is why THIS NEW TACTIC IS NOT FOR LOWER LEVEL PLAYERS, YOU NEED TO BE AT LEAST THE SAME LEVEL AS YOUR OPPONENT TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS.

Now that is not the end of it, the reason you pick SAIII (Total Destruction) is that when you have the full meter, you can turtle much better once you activate Total Destruction. If the opponent is brave enough to still keep trying to damage you, they open chances of suffering the Super Art.

Now don’t forget that when you activate TOTAL DESTRUCTION, they may also try to use their super art, this is even better. They waste their meter (providing you avoid the super art) and you get a free taunts and/or SAIII.

When you are without SAIII activated, you also need to be playing with concentration, because the opponent will try everything they can to damage you, including using Super Arts, you need to avoid those and turn them into damage for THEM. That is why I say again, only the higher level players can do this.

Same can be said with his sa1 and 2, just much easier to land. :looney:

Yeah, here is a video showing how it is done.
(SA I: Critical Combo) -

(SA III: Total Destruction) -

(SA II: Deadly Double Combination) -

(SA I: Critical Combo 2 X TO) -

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