New tutorial video on Zangief's V Reversal xx CA combo



Hi guys, check out my new video on how to perform and apply Gief’s V Reversal to combo into critical art. There are some pretty cool uses for this, such as punishing moves that are plus on block and punishing people using V Trigger activation to make their sweeps safe, etc.
I will also be using this chat thread to post every application of this technique and I will link to this thread in the description.
If anyone would like to add their own uses for V Reversal combo’d into Critical Art (or just showcase unique uses for V Reversal in general) please post it here too!

<Spaced reserved for notes on punishing each character>


Excellent video. Thanks for putting in the work to help us all out. I notice that in some of those cases Gief is taking a step forward before doing the CA. In cases where it doesn’t work naturally because of spacing, do you think we could do the 720 buffer trick while in the frozen frames of V-reversal and walk a step then CA? That might help get a few more pixels of range because it seems in most case we are only off by an inch on most characters.

Totally works


Yes, I actually made it a habit of always taking a baby step forward before doing Critical Art. However, there were many cases where you HAD to take step forward for it to work, so I left it out of the video.
If I had used the video as a complete listing of every move you can punish (like I did for my raw critical art video) it would have made the video too long, so I left it out.
I’m updating my original post later this week and if I notice the few cases where you MUST do a step forward before the CA I will try to list it. Thanks for the feedback man!