New TV/Monitor?


Hey guys, I’ve been looking into buying a big new monitor or tv for the xbox one, and I was wondering which one is best suited to handle the best games or which tech specs I should look for on either?

Also is there a tv that will let me hook my computer up to it and just use the tv browse play on? Or a monitor that will work for xbox one?

I don’t know tech so I figured it best to ask before I buy, thanks.


This one is supposed to have really low latency, it’s what they use at EVO.



…lists about 0.0000001% of monitors on the market.
I’ve yet to find any of the tested models in any store.


Then buy online, or play the guessing game and just buy one with a good price, or go CRT if input lag is a huge deal to you.


You understand this is a volunteers filling up the database and not sponsored by any company or corporation.


Of course.
That doesn’t make it any more useful, though.
The companies that make these devices seemingly come out with new (and largely redundant) models every five minutes, and unless they start actually divulging this info in their spec sheets, I’m afraid the maintainers of the database are fighting a hopeless battle.

I’ll stick with CRTs as long as I can get them for free, but it would be nice to get a new monitor that isn’t a laggy POS.