New UCLA SF4 thread, surrounding areas welcome!


Hey I’m trying to get a new thread doing for sf4 players near UCLA. Please post here and refer people here if you’re interested. There has to be a good amount.


Should update the first post with useful info about it then.

Located in UCLA, Ackerman Union, A-Level, near the Cooperage, across from Taco Bell.
Various games that include:
SF4 (50c) (two cabs side by side)
3s (25c) (showcase cab)
KOF XI (25c) (normal cab)
Melty Blood (25c) (normal cab)
*All American Sticks
…along with a variety of other games (In the Groove, Time Crisis, etc.)

Usually whenever Ackerman Union is open, it’s open, but it’s prone to being closed at random times (usually weekends), so beware. Sticks are usually kept in good shape, but if they aren’t, talk to Harris. Maintenance usually comes on Fridays, 5:30pm (and they close it for a while).
Every 10th & Finals week at UCLA, the arcade is open 24 hours a day.

Well, I think that’s the gist of it. I’d put our skill level at advance/intermediate but of course they’re going to be random scrubs mashing and ruining the sticks.


Oh awesome. They moved that thing a couple times in the last few years, kinda lost track of it. No idea they had sf4.

lol, i’m at powell right now, might go for a break later. Anyone else on campus that reads this, AIM me at liukundawang and we can play a bit.


You might, just might find my scrubby ass around there on a random friday…


Coming down to UCLA for some gaming. Be there around 7pm!


Since I go to USC will you guys jump me? lol jk, I’ll see when i get off from midterms


If you see a decent chun player at coinz, that’s me.


i was there 2nite running sagat. I played a handful of people, anybody on here?