New Ultimate Dante Guide



A full detailed guide on Dante is being done by me and some people on reddit.
We’ve been doing it on a Google Doc:
and now we are going to take it to another level and make it into something amazing!
Here is a preview:


This looks really cool, hope it goes well!

About time there was some place other than the Bible that had a frame data table.


Dope stuff!

all of the luck to you guys, and please, do take it to the next level by covering more obscure techniques like Crazy Dance cancelling, the various ways to cancel Helm Breaker recovery and all the other random shit this character has.




This is a pretty amazing guide, good work. I can definitely throw in some stuff for million stab if ya want btw. It’s a pretty under appreciated move.


I’d be willing to help too.


Well it’s got a top Dante’s stamp. Oh and Green Ace likes it also. You should write that in as an endorsement.


Stuffs divekicks, including footdive and vajra”



If you need any help I am game. Based Dante FTW


Would be good if u guys can contribute to the written notes on google Docs.
That is going to make up the content of the Final guide


Would be awesome, we need all the help we can get. Thanks!


Is there anything you need specific kmowledge on?


Is there anything you need specific kmowledge on?


I wil say 2 things to note. Imo Dantes best position is probably anchor or second and 2 doom is a must for him in certain matchups. I prefer him second as a user. Second he has more meter to abuse devil trigger with and your point geta jam session safe dhc and in some cases a thc shenanigan. Doom allows for more damage and meter build while also letting dante abuse a STUPID ZONE CHIP GAME. I have a combo that builds 2.25 meters and does about 970k usinf 2 meters from match start and only missiles. I have yet to maximize it. With trish i build a 3rd bar and do well over 1.1k.

His zoning game gets better because he can thunderbolt to protect doom or any assist. He can get to sj height and call assist. He cant be pushblocked. He can throw out air plays rapidly aswell i have yet to implement this in my game.