New ultra/move for adon what would you like to see him with

Me personally I would like to see a jagurar tooth ultra. But yea what would you like to see him with

He doesn’t need more moves, just fixes on moves he already has

true, but hey an extra move could never hurt

Crouching jab that can chain into itself.


JT is his worse move easily avoidable to an extent where you may aswell never use it so i dont see an ultra version being any better.

All adon needs back is his and i will be happy.

Not really a serious concept, but if Adon can air jaguar kick…whats stopping him from doing Jaguar Revolver in the air?

Me too, i would love to see a jaguar tooth ultra similar to MAKOTOS ultra 2, but more powerfull and faster.


Air Jag Revolver would be amazing but I could see it being abused especially if it could combo of Also just for my information, whats the deal with the “U MAD” shit? I see that alot on these forums, its said whether the person is mad or not…lol. whats the big deal?


id like to see Jaguar tooth altered first in some way to be more useful than just mix up move. but then I am still a bit nooby…

I see the ‘U MAD’ shit everywhere now, makes me want to punch people in the face and ask why they are so retarded they constantly have to use the same phrase as everyone else. Make up your own shiz people !


I’d love to see a move that makes the whole screen go blue then turns Adon into a Jaguar and wins him the round.

I honestly don’t care for a new ultra but I would prefer if U2 gets a damage increase in a future patch beacause it’s weak as all hell compared every other ultra I’ve seen. An extra 50-80 damage would make me happy.

That or let U1 get full cinematic damage if the 3rd hit makes contact even if the opponent is in the air. I just love the cinematic of U1 to be honest, lol.

Give him the SFA2 QCF motion for Jag Kicks (ground+air), fix close s.Fierce, make overhead +1 frames faster, give Short RJ better hitboxes, better hitboxes on air JKs, more frame adv. on his c.Jab and c.Short (or make the links 2f), and increase U1’s range to fullscreen. Bam, we are good.



As far as a new ultra move… An off the wall ultra like Makoto or a mid air ultra like Viper would look cool, but not sure about it’s effectiveness. Maybe a grab ultra that is made up of three knees to the face then a standing instant air jaguar that puts the opponent’s face into the ground.

give him back jutting kick, a bit faster top down and we good. besides his stict links adon is really fair as is. would be sick if he got a wall jump just sayin : )