New UMVC Hyper Grab Glitch?

I found this out by mistake during an online match where i was Virgil and the opponent was Ryu. I did stinger and missed then he did Shinku Hadoken and since i knew i was somewhat screwed i spammed grab and this happened.

Ryu & Akuma:



Seems to work on Akuma/Modok/Nova/Ryu. Might work on some of the other cast? I tested a few and couldn’t get this to work on others. Might be 1 frame or just not possible.

They had something similar to this on the front page of SRK a few days ago.
Good find tho, I don’t think it involved just grabbing.

No that was different. Nova’s super nullifies projectiles and beams, hence why they didn’t do anything after the super hit, but this seems like an actual glitch instead.

You’re very right. Wow, they’ve messed up more in Ultimate than Vanilla.


I’m thinking they intentionally left in glitches so they could suppor the whole “Mahvel” atmosphere.

If your throwing out random Hadoukens @ point black range in a game like this, you deserve to have this glitch done to you.

Though Capcom should patch this out.

It’s gone as of this patch.

glad its gone, last night I got grabbed out of strange’s vishanti!