New umvc3 poster art

want! now! i hope a high res version gets online

I love the way Galactus is framed in the background. I first thought he was the wall of some grand building they were in until I saw him more clearly.

Lol at superskrull

This is one of those…
“Wake up. See this. what do?” images :rofl:

Still waiting for actual support that is not DLC costumes…

That is some sexy ass poster art though!


Frank West is watching you masturbate

Awesome poster. This must’ve been the “secret” art thing that came on the double pack sided poster of the Kinu Nishimura art posted not too long ago. Really wish I could’ve made it to that fight club today, but heres hoping I can make it to the next one. Though If anybody is willing to sell theirs, I’d be happy to make an offer.


Rocket Raccoon and Hawkeye want you to stop, Haggar is laughing at your penis. Hsien-Ko is too busy checking someone out.

Really nice shinkiro artwork. I cant see Dr Doom anywhere though.

Someone needs to get a high resolution version of this artwork asap.

Doom is right behind Hsien-Ko.

Taskmaster with dat Troll Face

it’s better than his in-game portrait. Dear god that thing is fugly.

Trying to find Super Skrull was like reading Where is Waldo?

I still can’t find Nemesis

Nemesis is between MODOK and Strange.


Shuma has a “Holy shit, what is that?” expression on his face… er, eye.

Do want! Anyone know where I can find this?!


First 150 people to enter in Fight Clubs at participating locations get it free. Next date is on the 18th.

Dorm never gets enough face time, the guy is always in the back of the damn pictures.

Do want that high res Ion Fistoh for a new avatar.

Why is Hsien-Ko’s face always messed up


(I think it’s the mouth being close to her nose)

Haggar’s face is hilarious though.

wish felicia had a bigger spot