NEW Up to Date Rules For the Trading Forum (Sept. 25, 2008)

This is basically a NEW UPDATED version of Al the greats old post.

Ok, there are 3 reasons you should be in this forum. You either are buying, trading, or selling.

First of all, post in the thread title either “WTS:…” (want to sell), “WTT:…” (want to trade), or “WTB:…” (want to buy). This should be in** EVERY SINGLE THREAD TITLE** or your thread will be closed/deleted.

When you are SELLING something, post prices INCLUDING SHIPPING COST TO U.S.. If someone wants to buy outside the US, then you can respond to them.
Do not post “I want to see how much its worth” or “you make me an offer”. If you don’t know, put a ball park range and also say “Not sure how much its worth so if its too high, post your offers”.

After you sell your item:
Please edit your thread title and/or post to just “Sold” so I can delete it. I don’t want to see people getting sad when they see a dream sale and then they bump it wanting to buy it but its already sold. If I see a thread get bumped and the OG says “Sorry, sold”. You get 1 warning, if I see it a 2nd time…

For trading threads, make sure to post WHAT YOU WANT and WHAT YOU ARE TRADING.

Any time you are posting, please describe the item in full detail. I know this should be common sense but please write as much as possible. If the disc is scratched, write that. If the case is cracked, write that. If its missing the charger, write that. Write that. WRITE THAT!

If you are selling on eBay, it is acceptable here. The only thing you must do it write IN THE THREAD TITLE “ON EBAY”. Some people don’t have eBay accounts or don’t like dealing with them so please make sure you write that in your title.
if you are trading/selling electronics (which is highly likely here) package these things so that it has enough bubble wrap/peanuts/newspaper. I dont care what you use just pack it good so if it’s dropped it does no harm. I received a gamecube yesterday that was just in a box with no packaging at all. it was just thrown in in a box and came to my house damaged.

let’s say for example Jack bought a gamecube from Bob. Jack gets the gamecube but the gamecube does not work upon arrival because of poor packaging/ lack of packaging. If Jack can post pics of how the package is and it does show that it is poorly packaged, I will make BOB give Jack a full refund!

After your transaction:
After the transaction is over (good or bad), post in thisforum. This is so people can check on the seller/buyer to see how good or bad he was.


  • Any porn material or paraphernalia. This includes playboy magazines, anime porn or whatever sick things you guys have.
  • Modded Consoles. This includes modchips, swap discs and all other modded stuff.
  • Burned games. This is a tuffy. Right now, the rule is you cannot sell burned games. If you are selling your dreamcast with backed up games as a bundle, you may mention that. Mr. Wizard may change this rule though if he doesn’t find it acceptable.
  • WoW accounts are not allowed

DO NOT!! :
DO NOT make duplicate threads of the same things
DO NOT bump your own thread for no reason unless you are price dropping.
DO NOT put sold in the thread if you are not the seller.
DO NOT crap other peoples threads just because you don’t like the item.
These are things that will get your thread closed/deleted and get you infractions towards your bannage.


  1. always send merchandise with a confirmation number (.60 cents).

  2. If you don’t have packing supplies, use newspaper for shipping supplies instead of peanuts and bubble sheets.

  3. Try to avoid sending cash and using western union.

  4. Keep track of what you bought. Save the PMs from people you buy and sell until the transaction is complete.

Free Stuff Thread
Offical Wii and PS3 Thread

Any questions, suggestions, comments, post here.

Mail Fraud F.A.Q.

:: How To File For Mail Fraud ::

Are you a victim of online fraud, or think you are a potential victim due to a single person or a company? Well, you have come to the right place to see what you can do to get your item/money back from the thieves.

:: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ::

  1. I think I have been ripped off. What should I do?
    Go to any of the mail fraud sites listed below to file a complaint. I suggest filing for as many as you can.
  2. When should I file for mail fraud?
    If you have sent out numerous e-mails regarding your payment being received and/or item being sent and never received the item/e-mail within a 15-20 days from the date you shipped the item/payment, send out ONE LAST e-mail informing them that you will take action if they do not respond to your e-mails. If after 2-3 days of no response, start to file for mail fraud. The faster you file the mail fraud, the faster you will get what is owed to you.
  3. The other party responds to my e-mails, but keeps giving me excuses and/or the run around. What should I do?
    It’s more than likely they just trying to buy more time. If they reply to your e-mails but keeps telling you that it will be shipped soon, over and over, notify them that you will be filing for mail fraud. File for mail fraud as soon as possible. Especially with PayPal and their 30-day policy (see FAQ #6). If you keep on letting them buy more time, they’ll just keep giving you that same answer over and over until either the PayPal 30-day complaint is over, or if you forget about it and give up trying to get the item.
  4. What do I need when I file a complaint?
    Most of the time it’s a win-win situation if you have most, if not all of the following…
    You will need the following contact information of the other party:

Phone Number (if available)
You will need any of the following proof and/or evidence: (the more the better)

Email and/or Instant Message conversations
Proof of shipment of item
Proof of payment (Credit Card Bill, Check Statements, PayPal, Receipts, etc.)
5. I paid for something online with a credit card, money order, check or cash and I never received the item. What should I do?
If you paid with credit card, notify the credit card company, and inform them of the situation. Tell them you want to dispute the charge, and they will investigate.
If you paid with a money order, you can go back to the place you bought the money order from or call the number that is on the receipt stub from the money order and have them do a ‘stop payment’. What ‘stop payment’ does is, it prevents the person from cashing it in. But if the money order has been cashed already, there is nothing that can be done, unless you file for mail fraud. Also, the receipt stub that was on the money order can also be used as proof of payment, as well as proof of them cashing it when they track the money order.
If you paid with a check, its similiar to a money order. You can do a ‘stop payment’. If the check has been cashed, there is nothing that can be done, unless you file for mail fraud. If the check has been cashed, you can ask your bank for a bank statement concerning the check. This will be used as proof that the person cashed your check.
If you paid in cash, this will be harder as there is no proof/receipt that you sent it. So, send at your own risk.
6. I ordered something online using PayPal. What should I do?
PayPal’s policy is that, you have 30-days to file a complaint. If after 30-days, you are out of luck. If you have not received a response and/or item within 20-days, file a complaint with PayPal. If by any chance, you do receive the item, you can cancel the complaint with PayPal. If the other party is at fault, PayPal will recover whatever money is owed to you, IF the money is in the other party’s account. If there is no money in the account, there is nothing that can be done unless you used your credit card on PayPal to pay for the item (see FAQ #5).
7. Does there have to be a certain value before I can file for mail fraud?
No. It’s not the cost and/or value of the item, inorder for you to file for mail fraud. It’s the principle. You can file for mail fraud whether your lost or the item costs, $5.00, $100.00, or even $1,000.00. Mail fraud is a crime and a federal offense. Legal action can be taken against the the other party if they are found guilty if they do not return what is owed to the respectful ower.
8. When is it a good time to send out an item once I have received payment from buyer via PayPal?
There have been instances where a seller has sold an item (most of the time expensive items) to a buyer, whether it be a hard to find game, cellphone, systems, electronics, etc., and a couple days later, the payment was reversed. Most of the time, the payment is reversed due to stolen credit cards, stolen bank account information or just plain scam.

Most sellers ship the item the next day after receiving the payment. Its good to be quick on shipping, but its also bad. If the payment was a scam/reversed, it takes PayPal 1-day to find out, email you and reverse the payment (2 days max…but rarely). Once payment is reversed, PayPal will do an investigation to see if it indeed was a fraudulent payment. If you’re lucky to read the email before it is sent out, than you’ve saved yourself from losing an item. If not, and the package is already on the way to the scammer, go back to the place where you shipped the package and request it back do to an investigation and fraudulent payment.
Best suggestion is to:

Ship item 2-3 business days after you have received the payment. This will give you enough time to see if there is problems with the payment.
Overseas countries are places to watch out for. Those are where most scammers are located and are hard to get back your item once its shipped. Some countries are:
Send package with Delivery Confirmation. This will show the tracking of the package, proof of shipment and proof of arrival to buyer. This is a major factor when it comes to providing proof of shipment.
9. I have a question but its not mentioned above. Can you help me?
Sure. Just post your question and I will gladly try to help you answer any of your questions you might have.
:: Domestic ::

Contact your nearest local law enforcement agency such as Police Department or Sheriffs Department and inform them of the situation. Some local law enforcements do have Fraud Departments to help you with your cases.

Contact your nearest local law enforcement agency such as Police Department or Sheriffs Department and inform them of the situation. Some local law enforcements do have Fraud Departments to help you with your cases.

International Fraud – Complaint Form
International Web Police
Canadian Consumer Information Complaint Form
P.O. Box 686
North Bay, Ontario
P1B 8J8

Toll Free Phone: (888) 495-8501
Toll Free Fax: (888) 654-9426

Council of Better Business Bureaus
220 - 44 Byward Market Square
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 7A2

Phone: (613) 789-5151
Fax: (613) 789-7044

:: Miscellaneous ::

SquareTrade – File a dispute. SquareTrade will be the mediator.
SquareTrade Online Dispute Resolution Service – FREE
4 Step Process To Resolve Disputes
What is Online Dispute Resolution?
PayPal Email Help Form
PayPal Service Center:
PayPal Customer Service Agents are available to help you during the following times:

7:00 AM EST to 1:00 AM EST Monday through Friday
9:00 AM EST to 11:00 PM EST on Saturday and Sunday
Call us toll-free at: 1-888-221-1161

We may only discuss an account with the account-holder. Please have the following information available when you call:
Your telephone number
Your email address
The last 4 digits of your credit card or bank account registered with PayPal
For security reasons, we must verify the above details before discussing any account-specific information.

Any trading feedback can be posted above this forum in Users Feedback - Let others know about your trading experiences with other individuals.

Just keep it clean…I will be watching!

dont worry, i mentioned that!

Yeah I know, that was posted only for the new people who have a tendency to skip long post.

Outta curiosity, why is western union not recommended?

scammers #1 choice

how do people figure out how much shipping will costs for their item?

i usually ship priority mail so tells me when i enter the weight.

Hey Danny, like my new AV :bgrin:. Also, need to sell a bunch of shit so I’ll swing by your house.

-Tha Hindu

your avatar should be a picture of you playing it. ill make it if you ever invite me

thanks megaman. can this also apply if I’m from canada and shipping to other people from other countries?

yes it can


I got shafted in an eBay auction. I paid with money order (I know… i know…) and they haven’t sent the item in the last month. I’ve filed no item recieved with eBay, but of course… they can’t do squat because it was paid with money order and not paypal.

The item was worth $10 and shipping was $10 for flat rate shipping.

I still have the stub for the money order and they said they recieved the money order.

Sucky part… I don’t have the email that said they recieved it.

What do I do? Where do I start with the po-po on this one?
Do I stand a chance of getting my $$$ or item back?

I’d contact the post office and ask for a form to file mail fraud, and then contact your local police department as well as the seller’s local police department with all the auction, contact, etc. information. Given the cost of the item, though, I don’t think that they’ll make it a priority or if they’ll even look into it at all.


If I contact the other people this person has scammed and have them contact the authorities too, will the chances increase that the popo will look into it?

probably not for $10. was this an SRKer you bought from?

Nah… ebay.

Would it be permissible to start a thread regarding shipping methods?

Reason being, I have a beef with one certain parcel service and their lying about making delivery attempts, and would like to see if it’s bothered other people as well.

I was wondering about the thread titles. You know how some people do interest check. Are those allowed? I was thinking of making one but had to check here to make sure.

yes they are