New Update for MAME 0.117u2

For those of you who haven’t check the tech talk thread

There are several bugfixes for the new input system this release, as well as several changes to the built-in game selection UI. Additional updates include some MCR game fixes from Ernesto Corvi and myself, render system support for 14 and 16 segment LEDs from Dirk Best, S14001A speech in Wolf Pack thanks to Lord Nightmare, and some more Imola GP (formerly claimed to be Monza GP) fixes from Phil Stroffolino.

Makes no difference to me since my computer hates 3s on kaillera.

It does to me, .117u2 “recognizes” my stick but won’t let me use it wtf?

.117 doesn’t recognize it so I use joy2key and it works. u2 doesn’t even do that. . .

have you tryed going to options -> default game options -> controllers and enabling joystick input

^yep but thanks anyway

Have you tried to right click on the rom at the rom section and choose propreties and click on enable joystick?

Quick question since I’m new at this: Would I need to switch to this version of Mame in order to continue playing on Kaillera?

no not rly but more players online are probrably using this one since its the newest update with bug fixes…but before all this im assuming this new mame supports online play

Makes no difference to me since my computer hates 3s OFFLINE. ;-;


Exact error quote: “Direct Input: Unable to set absolute mode for joystick 0 (Arcade Stick (Dead or Alive 4 Stick))”

I get the same error as MR PH for my Hori Fighting EX2 stick…worked fine on older mame…WHAT THE SHIT!!! Anyone fix it?

The regular MAME Plus Plus 117 needs to be restarted after launching 3rd Strike once on kaillera…

Does this new mame fix this problem?

use FBA

Yeah, i know it’s better, but people on kaillera use mame, so…

Oh, btw… what happened to Reps Emulinker Server? What are some other good Europe servers?

Why you’d even go back to kaillera after 2DF is beyond me…

I’m not talking about Dong, but in general, you should leave kaillera players that haven’t switched over by now alone. Those that are left are over there mostly the ones that don’t know how to play and would spam the main chat etc.

The more idiots like that that stay playing on kaillera rather than 2df/ggpo the better.

LOL @ Kaillera when GGPO and 2DF are out.

mame is kept to attract the dum dums that bitch about losing but also keeps other ppl entertained GGPO and 2df is like the REAL WORLD where as mame is the matrix lol

Well, both 2DF and GGPO have portforwarding issues.
It may be just me, but EVERY time i want to use one of those programs i have to manually re-open those f*****g ports…

Not only that, i have a new internet connection now, that is faster, so i just think i can handle this.

Other than that, yes, both programs are way superior.