New update today?


I recently got an update when I fired up umvc3 today. What did the update do?


I don’t think it was for character balancing. Probably
to get rid of bugs or sumthin.

Edit: Some guy in gamefaqs posted that Nitsuma
tweeted something like what I said. idk take it with a grain of
salt. U_U


Ya I noticed the patch too. Only played a little this morning but as far as I could tell nothing changed. All my normal zero, nova, and hawkeye combos worked the same.


Phoenix Wright gets lvl3 X-Factor damage bonus in all levels of X-Factor, but only when he’s in Tournabout Mode. I assume they’re talking about it on the Wright boards. idk, I don’t play the character


That sounds like a pretty good buff…do you have a source for this info? Not that I don’t believe you…just have to see it for myself ya know :wink:




‘No balance changes’ refers to Niitsuma’s twitter thingy saying that, well, no balance changes were made lol