New use of the ultra meter


In my thinking about the ultra i arrived to an interesting idea.
Using the Ultra meter for limited time overdrive. Instead of it being an unstoppable combo it would be a lot cooler if the ultra meter could be used to powerup the character for a few seconds, with invicibility, more damage, no damage scaling, super speed and better frames for the combos, at the cost of losing all your life when the overdrive ends. If u were able to KOing the enemy is your win, otherwise is his/her.
What would u think about this idea?
Basically the overdrive would work this way:

  • The enemy beats the crap out of you until your ultra meter is full.
  • You activate the overdrive.
  • The health bar becames full and starts emptying very fast.
  • You become yellow and have all the advantages described on the top of the post.
  • If u were able to take all the enemy’s health( and put it on KO) by the end of the overdrive is your win
  • Otherwise you lose all the health and die, giving the win to the enemy.

This way it would have sense to call it desperation move. Because, as it is now, it’s far from being like that…

Yes, it was posted in another thread, but it was Off Topic, so I decided to create a new topic.


wow…you are not serious right? Hmm…let’s think of Sagat, who already does retarded damage anyway. Now let’s apply you’re idea to him, he’s slow, but now he’s faster, and he does even MORE damage than before, and still has one of the highest defense’s in the game. Not to mention, he has even BETTER frames to add to his already ridiculously stupid normals…like st.HK for instance, and moves like tiger knee which would probably be safe now no matter how you did it. I’d much rather have Ultra.


honestly, i think that is a terrible idea.

“invicibility, more damage, no damage scaling, super speed and better frames for the combos” is insane


Yeah, but it would still have only 5 seconds to take all the enemy’s life( and remember the enemy can defend, so the only way possibile to do so is to use armour breaking + combo. take 2 seconds of armour breaking and it remains 3 seconds for the combo… Do you really think it would be so much of a problem for the enemy?).


Might as well just relabel Ultra meter with “POW” and start playing Samurai Showdown.


Akuma/Gouki would fuck anyone’s shit up, that or SSJ Sagat, since they glow fucking yellow. I wonder if he’d sprout hair for that.




Ok, then let’s remove invincibility. Let’s say it can take a little damage from the enemy, added to the damage which is continuously removed by the time.
To put it simply it’s like you are creating your own ultra, whose damage depends on the time you have and you ability to pull out combos.


in…vin…ci…bility…? For more than a couple frames???

You craaazzzyyy.


All I could hear while reading this was [media=youtube]jbXruijEQls&NR=1[/media]


totally daft idea imho.


It doesn’t fit the Street Fighter aesthetic very well.


09ers should all get together and make a fighting game.:lol:


It looks like a combination of the SamSho POW and a limited form of Custom Combos, nothing good can come of this!


He can hook up with the guy trying to make a game with little knowledge in FGD, it would be the most epic, balls to the wall fighter ever conceived.




Are you not just copying the Rage feature in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe??


Nope, because I only played at SF4, Soul Calibur IV and Tekken 5 in my live, so I don’t have culture of fighting games. :smiley:


I’ve got a better idea with Ultras, try leaving them exactly as they are now & giving low tier characters a chance to win a fucking round :rolleyes:


Great idea, then we could have our own forum for the game & the 03ers could turn up & act like elitist pricks on there too :arazz: