New/Used -Games, DreamCast, Arcade Parts-


Paypal only.
Price are shipped via UPS to lower 48 United States.

NEW games

BlazBlue Limited Editions
These are both new and sealed. Include the DVD(360) or BluRay(PS3) bonus disc and disc Soundtrack.
Asking $55 shipped for either copy.

Halo 3 : ODST

NEW systems

Sega Dreamcast
Got this Dreamcast brand new from Amazon(they were the seller of this product, not a 3rd party).
Gonna hook up SRK members only on this one, asking
Edit: Not sure why people are getting confused, I put the new system right there but yes, it is NEW
$55 shipped.

NEW arcade parts
I have various arcade parts for sale, all new and are Sanwa/Seimitsu unless noted.

  • Hori HRAP Edition Orange 30mm buttons x8 + orange balltop (never used, switched to Sanwa setup as soon as I got the stick) $10 shipped.
  • Set of Madcatz SE stock buttons, 6x white, 2x black $5 shipped.SOLD
  • 4x Seimitsu PS14-KN screw ins BLUE, $15 shipped
  • 6x Seimitsu PS14-KN screw ins PINK + 1x LB35 Bubbletop Pink, $25 shipped SOLD
  • 2x Sanwa OBSF-30, 1 pink and 1 dark hai + white or dark hai Sanwa Balltop $9 shipped

New Misc.

**Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Press kit **
New and sealed in box.
This is a pic of what’s inside that I grabbed from Google.

The DVD is psd and pdfs of all char art and backgrounds IIRC.

This is my actual copy, you can see it’s still sealed. Asking $90 shipped OBO.

Used Misc.

Akatsuki Blitzkampf Auf Ausche Naomi Cart
Official Naomi cart, comes with arcade print out/sticker sheet.
Also comes with ROM update chip for Naomi1. Asking $500 shipped.

  • Set of Madcatz SE stock buttons, 6x white, 2x black $5 shipped.

I’ll take. If you still have the stock stick for a decent price I’ll take it too. Send address and I’ll PP immediately.


PM’d you toodles




Whats the status of the Dreamcast?


You got funds.
The DC is a great deal, so someone jump on that. Hell they’re all good deals.


The DC is brand new. It’s a special for SRK people only.


Welcome to the trading thread protoman, awesome deals. Cant wait for the pink KNs and bubble.


Youve been pmed.




Holy shit, you waited 3 minutes before making this topic :rofl: You had it ready didn’t you?


You bastard!
You jumped right on the shit didn’t you!

xD It’s straight, I just got here too late I guess. I wanted those! /wrists.


papa- sorry, but if it makes you feel any better i had a WTB thread looking for 6 pink kns and a bubble. So i was on the prowl first. lol


Haha it’s all good. No biggy, I can wait to get this mod done.


Haha yeah, I had it mocked up in notepad like a week ago.

PM replied.

Hey, thanks!
Shipping out stuff today, will hit you guys up with PM with tracking tonight.


Dreamcast sold!
Blazblue LE’s price drop $5.

All items that were purchased before noon EST have been shipped and you should have received a PM with tracking number. I got Toodles I believe on feedback, I’ll get the rest when it lets me, please return feedback when you get your item.


Dreamcast back up…buyer flaked after sending payment…
I’m too nice of a guy sigh.


Yes you are lol, really appreciate it. Sorry about that again.


Interested in DC, sending PM.


Pm’s responded to.