New useless Chun-Li glitch

Normally, Chun-Li can’t cancel the last hit of her SA2 if it’s parried. However, it turns out she can superjump anyway if she crosses under the opponent and forces them to parry in the opposite direction.

I’ve tried different characters, corner and midscreen, but it looks like it only works against shotos in the corner.

Credit goes to this French match video, which otherwise doesn’t have much to note about it:

we have named this the jinrai glitch




Holy shit. That video.
My eyes.

Congratulations, mang.

Wait. So if Jinrai Glitch = useless glitch, does that mean that Jinrai = useless?

I’m liking this glitch more & more. :tup:

Strakka, why so mean?

Because you didn’t airthrow Ryu at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:


well duh hes jinrai isn’t he

True hurt my widdle feewings.

I’ll have to send him some nasty donkey porn on IRC.

Jinrai, you gotta remember that True’s the video king. I assume that he’s already has all that donkey porn you’re sending him.

Go send him something he doesn’t have… like… straight porn.

or you can send strakka something he doesn’t have like um skills of course you’re jinrai so i don’t know where you would get that either


Did any one notice that vs ryu she does 8 kick per rep insted of 7?

DAMN there goes my 2006 thing I was gonna against wong with my Ryu in the corner where I would have jump parried the last kick and then jumped up RH, stand HP into EX blade kick and then hurricane to win the match

That always happens in the corner.

You’re right about it being useless.
thumbs up Good job tho on finding something completly useless.
You almost forgot that this sort of situation can only happen in the corner because its the only way to get behind them a fraction of a millimeter assuming they jump for the last parry which isn’t practical unless hes trying to pull off j.rh,, dp XX SA??? which is hard to do and doesn’t do much more then s.fp, dp XX SA??? or, s.fp, FB, SA???

again, this “glitch” is useless


what if u sj and own that daigo bs with a grab? :smiley:

I hear you have to send that by airmail. Are you sure you can afford postage on it?