New User. I don't like fighting games


I was advised to check out this site. My title is somewhat misleading. I really enjoy Marvel Vs Capcom 2. I played it in the arcade, and when it came out for the Dreamcast, I played it there as well. I used the official Sega DC 6 button arcade stick, and as far as I am concerned, it is an amazing thing.

I am new here so I can soak up technical knowledge in regard to Neo Geo 4 button configurations. I am in the process of either ordering a fully “consoleized” MVS or doing the work myself. What is missing is an affordable arcade style sticks. Short of me buying a defunct arcade standup and cannibalizing the parts I want, I will be limited to DIY.

I have no issue with woodworking, and no issue with wiring. but since the MVS is a 4 button (+ start & coin) I have technical questions. I will be lurking until I find my info or can’t and suck it up and ask the experts.

I am torn to IF I want to make a 6 button universal or stay specific to the 4 button neo geo.

I am off to a slow start. I am totally out of useful lumber at the house, and will need to buy some more. I have 2 potential routes for the display top of the controller. One involves 3d images on lexan, and the other would be inlayed wood veneers in the MVS arcade style of red and white stripes with a black border. Expect photos once I get rolling.

Thanks all for being here. I know the info I am looking for exists, but I also know from a brief overview that MVS/Neo-Geo systems are not exactly the most popular thing.

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There is a forum on here called “tech talk” with guys that have been dealing with this for decades. Ask your question there. Welcome to srk :slight_smile:


4 button MVS stick is the easiest stick to make concerning wiring and functionality. Aside from woodwork or a decent case, all you need is a DB 15 and wire accordingly. Today it’s even easier considering they sell DB15 with terminal blocks. You can slap a set of buttons and a lever in a tuperware container or a show box if you want for testing purposes and to startlining up your preferred button layout.

I think the thread title should read “I don’t like modern fighting games” instead. You like Neo and MVC2, you like fitghing games.

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Thanks! I am not a big fan of forums or social networking and am the type of person to try things myself and only ask for help/advice when I cannot find the facts I need. I do however like to show off my results when the help results in a great outcome. I have a great CRT tv that uses a Wells Gardner CRT tube, and eventually I am going to yank the tube for an arcade standup and apply an RGB “mod”. That is another issue entirely.

Great to know. I was thinking about mounting a breakout/terminal block right on the back side of the stick and using an extension cable to keep it crisp and modular. Also, you are mostly correct when it comes to fighting games. I liked very few of them. I never cared for Street fighter II or its many incarnations & not for lack of trying. MvC2 was a great continuation of the marvel fighting universe, and I did get quite into the meta side of the movesets. It is an outstanding game. I usually main Amingo, Shuma Gorath & Mega Man. I never could use the basic movesets of many of the capcom characters. I still can’t all these years later.