New user :) Newbie question to a stick purchase. (HRAP 3 vs. MadCatz SE)

Feels great to be here. Anyway, here are the facts:

  1. I can only go HRAP3 (White) or the MadCatz SE Stick.
  2. Whichever way I go, I will mod both with Sanwa parts.
  3. Not scared to mod.
  4. Have both a PS3 and 360. (Mod for cross platform functionality?)
  5. Need to know which one is easier to mod in terms of art. (Parts I’m not scared since I read both are QDs.)

So here now is the golden question:

Which is the right stick for me? I know the SE’s cheaper, but after swapping parts out will come almost the same as the HRAP3. I will buy SF4 on both PS3 and 360 anyway, so I will be interested to know which one can offer me cross platform functionality either by modding or maybe even a retail accessory.

Thanks for any input!

if you want easy dualsystem mod: mc se xbox360 and cthulhu

both sticks are pretty easy to mod so its just what you prefer … a big and heavy stick: pick an hrap3 if you want to mod it with a hacked xbox360 common ground pcb
or if you like a small and light stick the se

both will cost the same if you want full sanwa mod

if your going to mod both get the xbox madcatz one + toodles pcb. should work out $10-$20 cheaper then the hori

Thanks guys.

I might go the 360 MadCatz SE route. Last question, in terms of art modding, are both relatively easy to do? Like for example, same as the TE where the art is just sitting on top of the stick face removable by screws?

art swapping is not that friendly on both sticks but if you really want to it will work somehow …
modding stick and buttons are easy on both … but i dont think you need to change the hrap3 stick because its already a sanwa jlf just the buttons.

Okidoks, a great help this is. Who knows…I feel greedy. I might buy both. >_>;;;

Before you think I’m crazy let me explain…I’ll use the HRAP3 for my PS3 and just change the buttons (also because I’m told that the MadCatz sticks might not support BC PS2 games), and use the SE stick exclusively for the 360 and play around with that.

Either way wish me luck. =O

Madcatz SE! less money for the case, and buy the arcade buttons and stick, insert, and your good to go ;D

i love the feel of my hrap3 so i say go with the hrap. the weight gives it a certain feeling of sturdiness however, i havent tried the madcatz sticks so my opinion is biased.

Again, thanks for all your feedback. Judging from the replies I got, both will work, since I’m gonna replace the innards anyway.

I really wished that I could have gotten hold of the TE instead of settling for the SE now. Part of the reason being the easily switchable art plate and the spacy compartment.

As I said, I am new here, new to sticks as well, and I feel adventurous enough to buy both. :slight_smile:

I just need to be pointed the way of HRAP templates that I can use, since the TE/SE templates thread is just a few threads above. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll update with more pics of my creations as I have my way with them.