New User With a Q on Fight stick prices!

So most of the fight sticks I’ve seen online on like on gamestop as well as in stores are about up to 150$ I was wondering if any of you know a cheap place and or website I can find some for a little less, like idk maybe 100$ at the max? Let me know if you have any suggestions and linkify me.

This thread might help:

you can buy some used in the trading outlet for around that price. In fact I’m selling a Hrap3 for around that :smiley:

Is the pax madcatz deal going on? I think it’s like 30% off which is around maybe… 105 for a TE. If you’re patient, there’s always a sale for the TE sticks. I’ve gotten 2 of them for 99 dollars. If you want a hori though, those are around 100.


The 2 I got for 99 were at different times. So these sales come up pretty often.

Check out the Tech Talk forum. When there is a deal going on usually people post a link to it there.

I found my HRAP EX-SE for 80 bucks on amazon from a link someone posted there, and found my MvC TE for 100 from another link there.