New Vector (W.I.P)

started tis yesterday really bored so thought i post some W.I.P screens, no way finished, have to fix shirt etc, gonna have it so its on texture as first screen and has maybe wires comming out of tv etc.

nothings finished really, but any feedback and ideas welcome :sweat:

that was amazing work i want to know how you trace it XD, about shadows its nice but my notice is on the shadows on her stockings you can put tone value of shadow on her stockings so it would not look too flat maybe 3 layers will do aside from that really good.

i never finished that ugh, started new one
, thanks noround3


Looking solid, keep working on these, they are really cool.

Man thats looking awesome. :slight_smile:

I’m so jealous, when it comes to working in vector programs I don’t know my ass from my elbow.

wow, that looks cool.

What vector program are you using?

that is seriously hot stuff. Keep us updated, this will be a nice piece of work to follow.

thanks very much guys, means alot. I though i try this new technique i found that helps me do skin tones very well and get a realistic look and give it some abstract old fashioned touches but now the face looks TOO realistic and the idea really doesnt suit

edit: using adobe illustrator cs3

face looks jaggid, might have to go back and fix :confused:

right im sick of this pic, hair doesnt suit, ive pint pointed improvements but id appreciate any critics and suggestions and making it better cause i dont like