NEW VENUE! Battle at the Capitol @ Hard Times Cafe , Arlington VA Saturday April 19th 2014



We regret to inform you guys that Bailey’s Pub & Grille shut down and closed its doors a few weeks ago. We didn’t want to make any announcements until a decision has been made for this event, and tonight, we’ve come to a conclusion.

The event WILL still be going on. We have contacted numerous bars and venues around the metro area, and our new venue will be:

Hard Times Cafe
3028 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

The times of the event will change with the new venue, and it will now start at 1PM and end at 9PM. We are incredibly excited about this new venue, it’s still very metro accessible (right across the street from the Clarendon Metro stop), and it is a perfect situation for us.

The event details will be updated shortly.
Shin Tristan in collaboration with D.C. eSports is proud to announce our first event catering to the local fighting game community. On April 19, we will be taking over Hard Times Cafe in Arlington, VA for the Battle at the Capitol!


  • Venue Fee: $10
  • Entry Fee Per Title: $10


  • 1st: 70%
  • 2nd: 20%
  • 3rd: 10%

Hard Times Cafe
3028 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22203


  • Metro: Get off at the Clarendon stop from the Orange line. Hard Times will be immediately across the street and to the left of the station entrance, on the corner of Wilson Blvd and N Highland Street.

1:00 PM: SSFIV:AE, UMvC3, and KI Registration/Casuals
2:00 PM: Registration Ends (Absolutely no entrants will be admitted after this time)
2:30 PM: SSFIV:AE, UMvC3, KI Tournament Play Begins
1:00 AM: Event Conclusion/Break Down Setups
2:00 AM: Venue Closes

Shin Tristan will be streaming this event, his channel located at In addition, there will be a recording station provided by D.C. eSports for use during the tournament.


General Rules:

  • No Wireless Controllers/Joysticks
  • The Cronos converter is banned.
  • You may request Blind Pick
  • No turbo buttons allowed for any games
  • This is a BYOC (bring your own controller/converter or joystick) event
  • Equipment malfunctions that pause/reset matches may result in game/match losses at the discretion of the tournament director
  • All dipswitch settings set to default when applicable


  • Hard Times Cafe is a sports bar and inherently, there will be alcohol readily available for those who wish to partake. With that said, no under-aged drinking will be tolerated- NO EXCEPTIONS! Breaking this rule will result in ejection from the tournament and venue.
  • There will be no smoking in the tournament area.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated - any sign of cheating will result in forfeit from the tournament.
  • Fighting will result in ejection from the tournament area and a lifetime ban from this and future D.C eSports events.

Specific Game Rules

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v2012 (360):

  • 2/3 Rounds
  • Early Rounds: 2/3 Match Points
  • Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals, and Grand Finals: 3/5 Match Points
  • Default round time
  • All characters are legal
  • Winner keeps same character and Ultra between matches; Loser can change characters
  • Random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (360):

  • All Rounds (including Grand Finals): 3/5 Matches
  • No game breaking glitches allowed
  • Winner must retain same team and order at player select screen, but may reorder by holding an assist during loading screens
  • Random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage

Killer Instinct (XB1):

  • All rounds before Grand Finals: 2/3 Matches
  • Grand Finals: 3/5 Matches
  • Winner keeps same character between matches; Loser can change characters
  • Random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage


cronos converter are the #1 converters though